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Breast Cancer Survivor Stories

Voices of Strength: Global Survivor Narratives

Explore the diverse and unique stories of breast cancer survivors from across the globe, sharing their wisdom, courage, and messages of early detection.

Breast Cancer Stage
Type of Breast Cancer
Casey, Previvor, BRCA1
Meet Casey - BRCA1
Karen, Previvor from Canada
Meet Karen - BRCA2
Dr. Simran, previvor from Maryland
Meet Dr. Malhotra - BRCA1
Amber, stage 0 survivor from california
Meet Amber - DCIS
Melanie, stage 0 from texas
Meet Melanie - DCIS
Tyyrea, stage 0 survivor from USA
Meet Tyrrea - DCIS
Cara, previvor from New York
Meet Cara - CHEK2
Stephanie Land, Stage 0 from New York
Meet Stephenie - Breast Implant Illnesss
Justine, stage 0
Meet Justine - BRCA2
Type of Breast Cancer
Gill, stage 1 survivor from UK
Meet Gill - DCIS
Christina from Canada
Meet Christina - IDC
Jo-leen stage 1
Meet Jo-leen - 1A IDC
Latricia - Stage 1
Meet Latricia - Triple Negative
Dr. Christina Hibbert, stage 1 survivor
Meet Dr. Christina Hibbert - Triple Negative IDC
Meet Taylor - Stage 1b Triple Negative from Alabama
Meet Taylor - 1B triple Negative
Rosie from canada smiling at the camera
Meet Rosie - DCIS
Rocki from Arizona
Meet Rocki - High-Grade 3 DCIS
Patti from Ohio
Meet Patti - CHEK2 DCIS
Type of Breast Cancer
Rosemary- Stage 2
Meet Rosemary - Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (IDC)
Becky, stage 2 from Canada
Meet Becky - BRCA1
Mindy, stage 2
Meet Mindy - Triple Positive IDC
Peggy, stage 2 from California
Meet Peggy - Triple Negative
Abby, stage 2 posting in front of flowers
Meet Abby - BRCA1
Erin,stage 2
Meet Erin - Triple Negative IDC
Christine Handy, Stage 2, Florida
Meet Christine - Breast Implant Illness
Jennifer, stage 2
Meet Jennifer - HER2+
Type of Breast Cancer
Jamelle, stage 3 survivor
Meet Jamelle - HER2 Positive
Alli, stage 3 survivor
Meet Alli - IDC
Carolina, stage 3 from Japan
Meet Carolina - IDC
Sydney, stage 3
Meet Sydney - Triple Negative/BRCA 1
Rebekah, stage 3 survivor
Meet Rebekah - BRCA2
Cayatanita from California
Meet Cayatanita - BRCA2 TNBC
Nicole - Stage 3 ER-PR+
Meet Nicole - ER/PR+ HER2
Meet Jennifer - HER2+
Cat, stage 3 survivor
Meet Cat - DCIS
Type of Breast Cancer
Headshot of Karla, a stage 4 breast cancer survivor
Meet Karla - Metastatic Breast Cancer
Gina, metastatic breast cancer
Meet Gina - HER2+
Laurie, stage 4 from California
Meet Laurie - ER/PR+, HER2-
Britta, stage 4 from California
Meet Britta - ER+, PR-, HER2+
Meet Jaymee - ER+ HER2-
Alisha, stage 4
Meet Alisha - Paget's Disease
Jo from UK
Juliet from UK
Lisa from Australia
Regina from California
Global Flatties


Join the Global Flatties in promoting body positivity and flat closure advocacy, a movement of empowerment and self-acceptance.

Confidence with courage

Stories of Empowerment

Meet survivors who’ve turned their breast cancer journey into a narrative of empowerment, becoming advocates and role models.

Christine, Stage 2, Florida

Model Christine Handy, a stage 2 survivor, advocates for beauty and inclusivity, inspiring change in the fashion world post-breast cancer.

Adera, Stage 0 & 1, South Africa

Adera’s modeling journey during treatment underscores her resilience, inspiring young African women to embrace life before, during, and after breast cancer.

Michaela, Stage 2, New York

Michaela leads the Breast Cancer Confidence Project, inspiring post-diagnosis confidence and beauty.

Tina, 2xSurvivor, Canada

Tina redefines fashion for ‘flatties,’ advocating authenticity and style in survivorship.

Phaedra, 2xSurvivor, North Carolina

Phaedra, a two-time survivor, uses pageantry as a platform for breast cancer awareness, embodying the power of dreams and advocacy.

Stage 4 breast cancer


Connect with the powerful narratives of those living with Stage 4 breast cancer, sharing stories of strength and perseverance in their ongoing journey.

Gina, Maryland

Karla, Chicago

Alisha, Australia

Leslie, Illinois

Fran, UK


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