Meegan, Stage 1, Virginia

Finding Strength in Adversity: Meegan’s Inspiring Breast Cancer Journey

The Unsettling Silence Before the Storm

My Breast Cancer Story: I had breast ultrasound imaging in the past for suspicious mammogram imaging. The request for another ultrasound didn’t sound any alarms. All past ultrasound findings were cysts. I almost did not make the appointment due to time and budget constraints. This appointment that I did end up going to changed my trajectory forever.

The Unwanted Revelation

The Radiologist during the procedure said, “well it looks like cancer.” Naturally, I thought of all the myths, I’m young, I’m healthy, it doesn’t run in my family.

Navigating The COVID Pandemic and Cancer Diagnosis

March 2020 biopsy results confirmed invasive ductal carcinoma HER 2 positive, Stage 1. Also, March 2020 the COVID pandemic was starting to reel its monstrous head. My family dropped me off at 5ish in the morning at the hospital. I walked the dimly lit halls alone to surgery.

The Challenging Road to Recovery

Time for the oncotype score appointment. Mine was in the grey area, but I chose to have 4 rounds of Taxotere and Cytoxan in order to be on the “safe side.” Three years later, 8/16/23, I had my implant removed and flat closure.

The Path to Self-Discovery

Had I not done chemotherapy, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I was at a women’s retreat in Afton, VA with 8 other beautiful women a few weeks back. I wrote the poem below as a testament to how the breast cancer healing journey has shaped me….I know I am fortunate.

A Poetic Reflection

A baby before birthing
A toddler before your needs
A child full of delight, play and singing
A stunted teen filled with childhood trauma

Chaos, separations, emotional neglect, unseen, feelings of unease, confusion, hypervigilance, responsibility, uncertainty… a separation from self
A young adult ready to set off on their own
dreams of passions, achievement, protection, rescue, love, affection, goals, lots of goals

An adult unable to complete what one starts, shame, confusion, escapism
Not stopping, full steam ahead
Circumventing authenticity, very unknowingly
A mom, giving birth, the greatest moment ever, the indescribable joy and truest love, divinity
A miracle to hold onto forever
Desperately trying to do it better than moms before, wielding perfection
This trips us up
Thankfully, a force greater than ourselves spontaneously sparks a flame
A healing journey begins, scary, painful, confusion, lost…somehow piece by piece becoming a little more whole again
Swearing to stay on this path as long as you shall live
A blessed gift that allows you to see yourself and your loved ones, truly, for the first time
A perfect mom and external goals fall to the wayside
A deeper bond forms with yourself, family, friends, miracles abound in the mundane
Transformation is here to stay, faith is your new fear
Lastly, a realization that the moms before, are just like you, and before them, and before them,
Human, scared, hurt, lost and needing to be seen for the beauty they truly are

-Meegan Rogers

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