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Sirius Pintuition: Transforming Cancer Surgery with Revolutionary Localization Technology

In a groundbreaking advancement for cancer surgery, Sirius Medical’s Pintuition® has received FDA clearance for expanded applications, including long-term implantation and soft tissue marking. This innovative system is setting a new standard in surgical marker navigation, offering unparalleled precision and ease in locating non-palpable tumors.

Pintuition System

A new era in surgical accuracy the Sirius Pintuition System, equipped with the cutting-edge GPSDetect™ software, represents a significant leap in the field of surgical oncology. This wire-free localization technology is uniquely designed to provide surgeons with real-time directional guidance, simplifying the process of tumor localization and removal.

Sirius Pintuition’s exceptional features include:

  • Navigational Guidance: Utilizing multi-sensor technology, Pintuition offers visual and audio feedback for precise directional guidance.
  • TargetLOC™ for Unmatched Accuracy: The TargetLOC™ feature ensures perfect alignment of the probe above the seed, enhancing surgical accuracy.
  • Ease of Use: With a single calibration per procedure, Pintuition is user-friendly and integrates seamlessly into existing surgical practices.

Sirius Pintuition Seed

At the heart of the Pintuition System lies the Pintuition Seed, a small yet powerful permanent magnetic seed. Encased in high-grade, nickel-free biocompatible titanium, this robust seed is crucial for accurately marking and aiding in the surgical removal of tumors. Its durability and consistent signal strength make it an invaluable tool in oncological surgeries.

Revolutionizing Breast Cancer Surgery

The expanded FDA clearance allows the Pintuition marker to be used in various soft tissues, including lymph nodes and sarcomas, thus broadening its scope beyond breast cancer. This expansion is a testament to Pintuition’s versatility and effectiveness in enhancing surgical outcomes.

About Sirius Medical

With its roots in the Netherlands Cancer Institute, Sirius Medical is dedicated to improving care for cancer patients by delivery of unsurpassed, yet affordable solutions that enable precise and efficient removal of tumors. The Pintuition technology is precise, simple, affordable and both CE marked, and FDA cleared. Pintuition is currently in over 200 centers spanning the US and western Europe. | @‌SiriusMedical | #pintuition

Learn Look Locate’s Commitment to Innovation

In line with this innovation, Learn Look Locate (LLL) collaborates with Sirius Medical to educate and empower the breast cancer community about the latest advancements in tumor localization and surgical techniques. LLL, dedicated to providing comprehensive and current breast cancer information, will feature Sirius Medical’s pioneering Pintuition technology on its platform. This collaboration aims to inform patients and caregivers about the benefits and advancements in tumor localization, a crucial step in breast cancer treatment.