Barry Rosen, MD FACS

Barry Rosen, MD, FACS

Breast Surgeon, Chicago

“I am completely aligned with the mission of Learn Look Locate to help educate and inform people on critical early detection signals as it relates to breast cancer. I applaud and support the platform Learn Look Locate provides to bridge the gap between the medical community and the patient. It is extremely important that we give patients the opportunity to be heard and connect with us and other survivors going through treatment to feel emotionally understood and informed.”

Yara V. Robertson, MD, FACS

Yara Robertson, MD

Breast Surgical Oncologist, Little Rock

“I have always felt that an informed patient is the best advocate for themselves. Learning about breast cancer and the various treatment options can give back some of the control you lose when you have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Learn Look Locate is such a site that provides wonderful information through the intermingling of survivor stories, medical professionals and breast cancer education. Survivors, caregivers, high risk patients and women in general can each take away something from this much needed source.”

Rahul Singh MD

Rahul Singh, MD

Board Certified Blood andCancer
Specialist, Virginia

“It is a pleasure to collaborate with Learn Look Locate. Learn Look Locate is an amazing platform that is doing great work to share knowledge regarding breast cancer which is incredibly powerful. It is an exceedingly difficult topic and disease which many women and men struggle with and to have this medium in which all people can learn and gain from is truly spectacular. Keep up the amazing work and look forward to your posts every day!”

Laura Ferzeli, MD

Laura Ferzeli, MD

Breast Surgeon, Brazil

“Nowadays, almost everyone has access to the internet which makes it easier to disseminate different kinds of knowledge, including health and diseases. The problem is that in the minds of so much information, it is difficult to filter what is true form what is fake without a scientific basis. Following Learn Look Locate, you do not need to be afraid about veracity of publications. Everything is well studied and well thought out when planning posts. And best of all, it is the purpose behind it all, bringing knowledge and information to more and more women around the world. I am a big fan of Learn Look Locate! Congratulations for the beautiful job! Always count on me!”

Ron Israeli MD

Ron Israeli, MD

Plastic Surgeon, NYC

“Learn Look Locate provides fantastic tools and resources to put patients in control from day one. The organization’s emphasis on understanding early breast cancer risk creates a pathway for patients to use the information to make informed decisions. Patients who know more do not just make better choices—they are more confident in those choices. That confidence does wonders in terms of recovery.”

Ariel N. Rad, MD

Ariel Rad, MD

Plastic Surgeon, Washington DC

“A breast cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming, and Learn Look Locate give patients valuable knowledge as well as an accessible connection to a positive community support. Thank you for developing this resource to help and empower women moving through this challenge.”

Learn Look Locate was my first breast cancer social media connection that has led to many needed friendships to grow throughout this journey and not feel alone. I ‘m so grateful to have a group of women caring and supportive women to turn to for advice, solidarity, education and love. I am grateful to Cynthia for her commitment and dedication to helping all of us and future women in the navigation of breast cancer. I do not feel alone, and it is such a great resource for anything that might come up! I applaud the innovation of this global network for all of us!

Meegan, Stage 1, Florida
Putting on my armor
I’m prepared for a war
The diagnosis of stage 4

As I look in the mirror
I can’t ignore
The battle that I’m fighting for

I have support
And love on my side
In other women I can confide

Armed with knowledge
Tools and more
I won’t stop going til there’s a cure

I know for sure
I am not alone
At Learn Look Locate, I am home.

Sammie, Stage 4 Philadelphia
As a 9 year survivor and an Advocate for Aesthetic Flat Closure, I’m thrilled to have connected with LEARNLOOKLOCATE. There is a wealth of information here for all of the breast cancer community-from diagnosis, options, treatment and beyond. Everyone is made to feel welcomed and the friendships made are a bonus. Thank you for all you do.
Rocki, Stage 1 DCIS, Arizona
Learn Look Locate is an oasis. It’s a place of friendships that are just waiting for you. It’s a place of encouragement and a place of hope.
Learn Look Locate is a valuable resource of information about treatments and diagnosis. It’s a place of shared experiences.  There’s nothing like it. It’s absolutely beautiful, inspiring, interesting and informative.
Judi, Stage 1
Learn Look Locate is doing a fabulous job connecting, inspiring and educating women all over the world. In  a short time, they’ve created a space online for survivors from countries around the world to come and connect through the stories of their breast cancer journeys.  It’s wonderful to see how Learn Look Locate’s movement has really taken off.  They’ve already accomplished so much in 2021! Learn Look Locate is inclusive and welcoming, no matter the stage of cancer, the choices made, the treatments or surgeries- everyone can find support here. As well, the network of physicians providing information on countless topics related to breast cancer is outstanding. We also really appreciate all the awareness raised around the issue of dense breasts. The whole site is really inspiring and beautiful!!
Jennie Dale, Executive Directordensebreastscanada.ca

The Learn Look Locate website is an invaluable resource not only for someone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer but also for anyone touched by it. The cutting edge information is presented by expert professionals in all aspects of diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up. Patients and survivor provide first hand knowledge of their personal experiences surrounded by beautiful, color bursting images. This website is a must see, one of a kind resource for any information relating to breast cancer.

Lynn, Maryland

Incredible resource for the community!

Marnie, DCIS/BRCA2, Pennsylvania

“When the first of my aunts was diagnosed with her first Breast Ca, we used Dr Susan Loves breast book to dig for answers. I’ve been working in breast oncology for 15 years now. What we know about breast cancer has changed so much and continues to evolve at an even more rapid pace. Your site, being backed by physicians, is exactly what every patient is looking for to help her navigate a breast cancer diagnosis.”

Marnie Curbow, Atlanta

I came away from my cancer journey wanting to help other women fight through their own personal battles. That’s what the Learn Look Locate website is all about; people helping other people through one of the hardest challenges in life. Through the love and support of this site, we can see that there is life after cancer, and lots of times it is bigger and better than it was before. Thank you Learn Look Locate! Keep up the good work!

Geri, Stage 0, Colorado

I think that one of the hardest parts of this breast cancer journey can be the isolation we feel. Thank you Cynthia for creating Learn Look Locate and for giving EVERY woman going through this disease a safe space to share our stories, to inspire each other and to give various support options. As a Board Certified Health Coach, I share your mission to support every woman, and let her know that they are not alone! Especially, after treatment is over, as we journey into the scary “what now?” stage of our recovery.

Karin, Stage 1 & BRCA2, Florida

I am thrilled to collaborate with Learn Look Locate in the journey to help educate and inform the community about breast cancer and the importance of early detection. I truly believe in educating young adults and connecting with others as a mentor and peer.

Britta, Stage 4, California

Learn Look Locate has created for survivors and anyone affected by breast cancer, a place they can freely share their truth and personal experiences and in doing so we also have created friendships. You have not only featured survivors but also a learning environment as well. Thank you and please continue to inspire, educate, and uplift us all.

Nicole, 2x Survivor, Florida
As a 7-year breast cancer survivor and motivational speaker being on social media and an Ambassador for LLL has been an opportunity for me to reach out to woman going through the journey and connect with survivors. My mission is always hope but more specifically to share my experiences on using pain for purpose. When we band together and share stories of pain as well as survival, we speak to an audience who needs both hope and encouragement.
Christine Handy, Survivor, Miami

On February 1st, 2021 I received a phone call from my surgeon that I have breast cancer and its TNBC. It’s aggressive and rare, you can only imagine how I felt when I heard that. The first thing I did was get in Dr. Google which was a big mistake. I went on Instagram and found LEARNLOOKLOCATE, I also went to the website. It was the best thing I did for myself. It had all the information I needed and I found it to be very educational, inspirational and uplifting to know that I was not alone. The survivor stories from women from all walks of life was nothing but positive! Through LEARNLOOKLOCATE I got all the information I needed. Get on their website and if you are in Instagram follow them. It will be the best thing you can do for yourself.

Deb, Triple Negative Stage 1, North Carolina

I am so impressed with the learnlooklocate.com website.  From the wealth of information offered to anyone facing breast cancer or just wanting to educate themselves about this dreaded disease, one can learn so much in a compassionate, caring manner.  I’ve been a R.N. for many years, and this is one of the best sources of breast cancer information I’ve seen.  At any hour, day or night, anyone facing this terrifying disease can find support and the information they need with this beautifully done online guide.

Lois, Florida

Learn Look Locate is so important.  Learn about your body, look and check your boobs and locate problems.  Speak to your doctor and look out for the best therapy you can get.  I was 45 years old and was on my way to a half marathon when I found my lump near my nipple.  I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, Triple Negative, Stage 3.  I had surgery, chemo, radiation and I am still here to speak out loud about cancer because every woman could check and find out.  One year after my diagnosis I ran my first half marathon.  I am a survivor.  I love to ride my horse, I love to run, I love to work and I love to give motivation to all the girls that go through hard times.  I feel warmly welcomed from the Learn Look Locate family all over the world.  I like the support each woman gives and the beautiful moment to see how strong and powerful women are from all over the world and how they handle their obstacles.

Martina, Cologne Germany

I had no idea what dense breast were. If I hadn’t learned about the risk factors from Cynthia I would have had no idea what the letter I received from my gynecologist informing me that I had dense breasts. I may have completely overlooked it. Now I understand that I need to get further testing and to speak to my gynecologist to get further screening.

Allison, Georgia

As I Previvor and having a healthcare background in occupational therapy, I share that same passion with Learn Look Locate. I want to help educate, advocate, inspire, and empower others about early detection of breast cancer. Their mission statement, website, and social media platform serves as a great resource.

Lexsie, Previvor, Kansas

I think that one of the hardest parts of this breast cancer journey can be the isolation we feel. Thank you Cynthia for creating Learn Look Locate and for giving EVERY woman going through this disease a safe space to share our stories, to inspire each other and to give various support options. As a Board Certified Health Coach, I share your mission to support every woman, and let her know that they are not alone! Especially, after treatment is over, as we journey into the scary “what now?” stage of our recovery.

Karin, Stage 1 & BRCA2, Florida

Thank you so much to Learn Look Locate for inviting me to share my story. Since diagnosis I am keen to spread awareness and encourage others to check their breasts regularly. My story just proves it can happen at such a young age without any risk factors, genetics or family history! Early detection is so important and saved my life.

Sophie, Stage 2, United Kingdom

There are no rules for how to have cancer. You don’t know what to ask, who to trust, or how to behave. Fear is everywhere: fear of dying, fear of treatment, fear of not asking a crucial question.

Within minutes of seeing LearnLookLocate.com I was at home in the aesthetic.

LLL is Beautiful. Uplifting. Welcoming. Most importantly, it’s about the patient first and the disease second.

LLL presents vetted, cutting-edge clinical information that’s digestible and usable.

LLL helped me ask intelligent, informed questions without feeling as though I was challenging or possibly insulting my care team.

The LLL community is strong, caring, and conversant. LLL brings together everyone touched by breast cancer in an honest, open, loving space.

LLL is the one breast cancer resource I found that reaches beyond statistics to the person. Cancer people need something to believe in.

It’s time for a new aesthetic. LLL is that aesthetic.

Blogger, Survivor-Stage 1, Triple Negative, Chicago
Learn Look Locate is providing a safe space for survivors and sharing valuable information for all.
Tawnya, Stage 1, Canada

Learn Look Locate! This is a beautiful and inclusive space created for men and women affected by breast cancer, and with the most sensitive and artistic delivery! I’m constantly amazed at the top tier, high-quality information Cynthia provides in this innovative platform. She broaches the topics and concerns that truly matter to us vulnerable individuals here in the breast cancer community, and the information she shares is both evidence-based and sourced directly from accomplished physicians and medical experts. No fluff, no embellishments, no pseudoscience. Learn Look Locate is a wonderful platform where one can gain knowledge and begin conversations regarding the issues that matter, the issues that affect us today and shape our futures, whether in our physical or mental health. I am beyond grateful!

Mindy, Stage 2, Missouri

Clicking on the home page of Learn Look Locate is like falling into a warm hug. Whether you are affected by breast cancer or not, understanding your body and your risk is essential. Learn Look Locate takes the overwhelming amount of information and presents it in a friendly, supportive way. The courageous individuals sharing their personal stories is inspiring. They are shedding light on a difficult topic, making it approachable, and empowering their followers.

Brenna Bentley, MS, CGC, Certified Genetic CounselorAlabama

I am beyond grateful that Learn Look Locate is creating a space for connecting the world on breast cancer education, professionals & resources. As a medical tattoo artist, working primarily with breast cancer survivors, the minimal awareness and information about areola restorative tattooing has motivated me to make sure survivors are guided in the right direction when they are ready for the final step with a nipple tattoo. Learn Look Locate is the perfect platform to shine a light on this topic, opening the discussion to others. I cannot thank Learn Look Locate enough for working with me and sharing the magic and healing abilities that medical tattooing can give to so many survivors.

Nicole M. Rizzuto, Medical Tattoo Artist, CSTNMR TATTOO, LLC

Learn Look Locate is such an important website and global community for creating awareness around the prevention and early detection of breast cancer. As a woman with dense breasts, I understand the importance of getting the message out to woman about the association of dense breasts and reduced detection of breast cancer. But Learn Look Locate goes beyond just educating women about the detection and treatment of breast cancer; it provides support from real life stories of woman who have suffered the consequences of breast cancer while also providing hope and inspiration from survivors. Above all, Learn Look Locate empowers women with the knowledge to ask the right questions at the right time during each step of their journey, whether it be prevention, detection or treatment of the most common cancer in women.

Christine C, Florida

I’m honored to be involved with Learn Look Locate. Its helping women around the world navigate their cancer journeys

Marianne, 3x Survivor, New York

Learn Look Locate is a great source for breast cancer survivors. I’m grateful to have found you guys.

Amber, Stage 0, California

The survivor stories and resources on LookLearnLocate were so valuable to me through my recovery process. I still keep up with the latest news and technology by following them on social media and I’m thankful that there are people who are so dedicated to educating others.

Melanie, Stage 0, Texas

I came across Learn Look Locate after I had gone through treatment and as I was trying to raise awareness about DCIS. It has been an honor to be able to contribute to Learn Look Locate in an effort to help women.

I love that you share stories from other women who are affected in some capacity of breast cancer. It’s makes others feel less alone. It helps inspire and empower others.

Cara Cappello, Previvor, New York

I think you are doing a wonderful job, only those who have been through it understand how valuable job you guys are doing.

Thank you from my heart.

Namrata Checker, Stage 3 and 2, India

Thank you for the opportunity to get my story out to others who may feel removed or unconnected from others since their diagnosis. I am here to help shed light on the disease, educate and encourage others to perform self exams and have early detection screenings done, and to know that they are not alone in this battle and can find support from other fighters and survivors around the world!

Jen Altobelli, Stage 2B, New York