Barry Rosen, MD FACS

Barry Rosen, MD, FACS

Breast Surgeon, Chicago

I am completely aligned with the mission of Learn Look Locate to help educate and inform people on critical early detection signals as it relates to breast cancer. I applaud and support the platform Learn Look Locate provides to bridge the gap between the medical community and the patient. It is extremely important that we give patients the opportunity to be heard and connect with us and other survivors going through treatment to feel emotionally understood and informed.

Yara V. Robertson, MD, FACS

Yara Robertson, MD

Breast Surgical Oncologist, Little Rock

Learn Look Locate is fast becoming a website to go to for education about breast cancer. I love the intermingling of survivor stories with medical professionals and breast cancer education. Survivors, caregivers, high risk patients and women in general can each take away something from here.

Rahul Singh MD

Rahul Singh, MD

Board Certified Blood andCancer
Specialist, Virginia

It was a pleasure to collaborate with Learnlooklocate. Learnlooklocate is an amazing platform that is doing great work to share knowledge regarding breast cancer which is incredibly powerful. It is an exceedingly difficult topic and disease which many women and men struggle with and to have this medium in which all people can learn and gain from is truly spectacular. Keep up the amazing work and look forward to your posts every day!

Laura Ferzeli, MD

Laura Ferzeli, MD

Breast Surgeon, Brazil

Nowadays, almost everyone has access to the internet which makes it easier to disseminate different kinds of knowledge, including health and diseases. The problem is that in the minds of so much information, it is difficult to filter what is true form what is fake without a scientific basis. Following Lear Look Locate, you do not need to be afraid about veracity of publications. Everything is well studied and well thought out when planning posts. And best of all, it is the purpose behind it all, bringing knowledge and information to more and more women around the world. I am a big fan of Learn Look Locate! Congratulations for the beautiful job! Always count on me!

Ron Israeli MD

Ron Israeli, MD

Plastic Surgeon, NYC

Learn Look Locate provides fantastic tools and resources to put patients in control from day one. The organization’s emphasis on understanding early breast cancer risk creates a pathway for patients to use the information to make informed decisions. Patients who know more do not just make better choices—they are more confident in those choices. That confidence does wonders in terms of recovery.

Ariel N. Rad, MD

Dr. Ariel Rad, MD

Plastic Surgeon, Washington DC

A breast cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming, and Learn Look Locate give patients valuable knowledge as well as an accessible connection to a positive community support. Thank you for developing this resource to help and empower women moving through this challenge.

Learn Look Locate was my first breast cancer social media connection that has led to many needed friendships to grow throughout this journey and not feel alone. I ‘m so grateful to have a group of women caring and supportive women to turn to for advice, solidarity, education and love. I am grateful to Cynthia for her commitment and dedication to helping all of us and future women in the navigation of breast cancer. I do not feel alone, and it is such a great resource for anything that might come up! I applaud the innovation of this global network for all of us!

Meegan, Stage 1, Florida
Putting on my armor
I’m prepared for a war
The diagnosis of stage 4

As I look in the mirror
I can’t ignore
The battle that I’m fighting for

I have support
And love on my side
In other women I can confide

Armed with knowledge
Tools and more
I won’t stop going til there’s a cure

I know for sure
I am not alone
At Learn Look Locate, I am home.

Sammie, Stage 4 Philadelphia

Learn Look Locate has created for survivors and anyone affected by breast cancer, a place they can freely share their truth and personal experiences and in doing so we also have created friendships. You have not only featured survivors but also a learning environment as well. Thank you and please continue to inspire, educate, and uplift us all.

Nicole, 2x Survivor, Florida
As a 7-year breast cancer survivor and motivational speaker being on social media and an Ambassador for LLL has been an opportunity for me to reach out to woman going through the journey and connect with survivors. My mission is always hope but more specifically to share my experiences on using pain for purpose. When we band together and share stories of pain as well as survival, we speak to an audience who needs both hope and encouragement.
Christine Handy, Survivor, Miami
Learn Look Locate is providing a safe space for survivors and sharing valuable information for all.
Tawnya, Stage 1, Canada

Learn Look Locate! This is a beautiful and inclusive space created for men and women affected by breast cancer, and with the most sensitive and artistic delivery! I’m constantly amazed at the top tier, high-quality information Cynthia provides in this innovative platform. She broaches the topics and concerns that truly matter to us vulnerable individuals here in the breast cancer community, and the information she shares is both evidence-based and sourced directly from accomplished physicians and medical experts. No fluff, no embellishments, no pseudoscience. Learn Look Locate is a wonderful platform where one can gain knowledge and begin conversations regarding the issues that matter, the issues that affect us today and shape our futures, whether in our physical or mental health. I am beyond grateful!

Mindy, Stage 2, Missouri

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