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Watch Us Soar- Being Stage IV

“Getting a stage IV cancer diagnosis can turn your world upside down. Yet, despite all the obstacles that come with stage IV, many with the disease thrive for many years. You are more than your diagnosis.

We are stage IV breast cancer thrivers who are living their “breast” life one day at a time. Follow us on our breast cancer journeys as we navigate the good, the bad, and the down right comical moments that occur when you are stage IV.

We also want to invite other stage IV thrivers to share their stories and connect with tons of women all over the world that understand what you are going through and are here to support you.”

—SAMMIE, Stage 4


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STAGE 4, Philadelphia


Hello beautiful people!  My name is Sammie and I was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer METS to lungs.  I am the Breast Cancer Blogger for Learn Look Locate and I am here for you.  Let’s soar through stage 4 together.

Learn Look Locate - Our Mission
STAGE 4, Chicago


I’m Tricia Irene and I have been thriving with Stage 4, de novo, metastatic breast cancer since April of 2019. It’s my goal to take my diagnosis and turn it into as many opportunities as I can, and teach others about all the revolutions I make along the way. Whether you have cancer or not, I would love to take you along on my journey! I promise it to be amazing!

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STAGE 4, Maryland


Hi, I’m Gina. I’m under 40 and living with stage 4 breast cancer. Unlike popular perception, there is life after stage 4!

Learn Look Locate - Our Mission
STAGE 4, Chicago


I was told this is a chronic disease that can be managed so I decided I would manage the hell of it. My diagnosis was in late 2014 and in addition to taking aromatase inhibitors, I immediately started managing it…I changed my diet, managed my stress level, cleaned up the toxins in my home, and did everything in my power to change the environment in which cancer had grown. I saw an immediate improvement and my scans have been clean since 2016!

Learn Look Locate - Our Mission
STAGE 4, Chicago


Leslie Ferris Yerger is a Tedx speaker, author of Probably Benign, and founder of Leslie was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer in November 2017 after an ‘all clear’ mammogram and ultrasound, experiencing first hand the failings of our current breast cancer screening technologies. She is now determined to advance the next generation in breast cancer screening, so that her story does not become your story.

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STAGE 4, California


My name is Laurie, in 1998 when I was 34 years old, I went in to have a lump checked and I was told I was too young to have breast cancer. Four months later I was diagnosed with de novo metastatic ductal breast cancer (ER/PR+, HER2- ) it had spread to one thoracic and all of my lumbar vertebrae, my left hip and the top of my left femur.

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STAGE 4, Australia


Alisha, from Australia. For me the biggest thing is owning my diagnosis. I have always acknowledged and said that I have cancer but cancer will never have me. I will not stop living out my dreams and achieving my goals because of this illness. I will not give in or lay down to waste away what ever time I have on this earth.

Learn Look Locate - Our Mission
STAGE 4, California


Hi, I’m Jaymee, 42 years of age and diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in 2018. I’m a Filipina flying solo here in San Diego, CA where I get my treatments and I must say that it’s been one helluva’ scary and challenging ride! I use the artist name “Jaymee Wins” as I write my books, create online content and inspire the world with my story. This name is a self-reminder for me to choose to see the glass half-full even when times get tough and to celebrate the little daily ones that come my way. Having stage 4 cancer at a young age is definitely not fun, but with the right support in your corner, constant willpower, faithful prayers, lots of self-care and daily dose of humor, you can and will still thrive.

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STAGE 4, United Kingdon


My name is Fran Bryan from the United Kingdom. I had primary cancer at the age of 35, I had a Mastectomy chemo radiotherapy and reconstruction, I then took tamoxifen for 5 years.

A Sanctuary of Authenticity for Stage 4

This page is meant to be a sanctuary of authenticity for stage 4 thrivers.  Our goal is to start a global movement and change the conversation about stage 4.  We hope this page is a source of hope and positivity while serving as a resource for connecting others from across the globe soaring through their stage 4 diagnosis.

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Carefully selected news and features about metastatic breast cancer research, Metastatic Trial Talk empowers you with knowledge about the latest clinical trials, research, and treatment options for you to share and discuss with your doctor.

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Imerman Angels’ mission is to provide comfort, support and understanding for all cancer fighters, survivors, previvors and caregivers through a personalized, one-on-one connections with someone who has been there.  Connect with them to find a angel who can help with your journey through Stage 4.