Jo from the UK

Boobs Do NOT Define You

After being diagnosed with Breast cancer in 2017, I did not really think about the possibility of not having any sort of reconstruction. My priority was to get rid of the cancer and fast!

I had to have chemo before surgery due to the location of the tumor, only after this could I have surgery. So, in December 2017 I had my bilateral mastectomy. Initially I was only given the option to have the effected breast removed, but after discussions with my consultant – and my insistence that I wanted both breasts removed, he agreed.

My main reason for opting for a double was that I did not want to live with the fear of it returning in my other breast, as well as aesthetically I did not want to be lop-sided! I am certainly not naive to the fact it could return elsewhere but I wanted to minimize the risk in my breasts.

After surgery, I healed very well and my scaring is minimal, I have been given the option of reconstruction but have decided against it and live as a flattie! To be honest I really do not want to face any further surgery, and, in all honesty, I do not miss having boobs! Having had a breast reduction 6 years prior to my diagnosis, I find being flat rather free and liberating and I have certainly saved a fortune in not having to buy bras!!

I am proud of how far I have come and being a ‘flattie’, I want other women to realize you do not need boobs to be confident, boobs do not define you. Mine tried to kill me and now they are gone!

—JO, United Kingdom