Stage 4, Illinois

“I was diagnosed in April of 2019 with Stage 4 de novo metastatic⁠ breast cancer with bone involvement.”

I learned that I carry the BRCA2 mutation. We also discovered a second cancer, lobular in type, in my left breast. I started treatment within a month and by July was NEAD.⁠

I remained NEAD until April of 2020. My PET scan⁠ picked up a spot that we decided to watch, as my metastasis remained stable. A scan in July revealed that the spot had doubled in size and a biopsy confirmed that it was cancer, however it didn’t make much sense that while everything else remained stable that⁠ this wasn’t reacting to the drugs. ⁠

We have decided that a mastectomy is our best option to prevent further growth and potential spread. That surgery will be September 29th of 2020. Along with the mastectomy, we are going to continue the line of oral chemo⁠ because it has worked thus far.⁠I don’t want to spend my time fighting this disease. That sounds⁠ draining to me. I feel that if I pour my energy into the benefit of others, that my journey is less about what I am fighting, and more about learning about the power that I own in this journey and within myself.

If I can tap into my innate resilience, and⁠ share my journey with the world, and in return, sit in the positive energy that creates, then I will connect with people on a level that will allow me to heal both spiritually and physiologically.⁠I want my kids to see a woman that does not give up in the face⁠ of adversity. I believe that courage is something that is 100% taught and that there is a conscious effort and choice in approaching situations in a way that gives you power over fear.⁠

Your fears can only own you if you allow them to. I also want to teach⁠ the TRUE sense of the meaning of gratitude, and how to understand that you hold the ability to find gratefulness in your spirit that ultimately leads you to a higher sense of joy and the ability to pull others into happiness and gratitude as well.

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