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Cindy’s 22-year Victory over Stage 1 DCIS Breast Cancer

“Don’t lose hope if you are newly diagnosed.”

Two decades ago, my world was rocked by a breast cancer diagnosis – Stage 1 DCIS. This journey, spanning 22 years, has been one of resilience, hope, and witnessing the incredible evolution of breast cancer treatments.

The Moment That Changed Everything

I still remember the day of my diagnosis: widespread DCIS, an elevated CA-125, and uncertain surgical margins. Back then, treatment paths were limited. Yet, here I am today, celebrating 22 years of being cancer-free. My message to those newly diagnosed: don’t lose hope.

A Lifelong Journey in Medical Care

My 43 years in the medical field have allowed me to witness firsthand the transformation in breast cancer care. Currently, I work with Sirius Medical, focusing on innovative solutions like the Pintuition breast localization marker – a significant advancement from the treatments available in my time.

Technological Advances: A New Dawn in Cancer Care

The progress in breast cancer treatment over the years has been remarkable. Tools like the Pintuition marker have revolutionized tumor localization for early-stage breast cancer, offering new hope and possibilities for patients today.

Championing Breast Cancer Awareness Every Day

For me, breast cancer awareness is a daily commitment. Beyond the dedicated months of Pinktober and No Shave November, I advocate for continuous awareness and support for those affected by breast cancer.

Stay Strong and Informed

Breast cancer is a journey that tests your strength and resilience. My story is a testament to never losing hope and staying informed. Let’s continue to spread awareness and support each other every step of the way.

Learn Look Locate: A Companion on My Journey

Being a part of the Learn Look Locate community has been instrumental in my journey. This platform is not just about spreading awareness; it’s about providing a supportive space for those battling breast cancer. Here, we offer resources, survivor stories, and insights that have been crucial in my journey and can be for many others.