Headshot of Karla, a stage 4 breast cancer survivor

Defying the Odds: Karla’s Triumph Over Stage 4 Breast Cancer

The Initial Diagnosis and Battle

I’m Karla from Illinois, and my first encounter with breast cancer occurred in 2003, leading to a bilateral mastectomy, chemotherapy, and radiation. However, the challenge escalated in late 2014 when I was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer. This new diagnosis contradicted my goal of living a healthy and sane life past the age of 100. So, I committed to managing this challenge to the best of my abilities.

Making Lifestyle Changes

Upon receiving the Stage 4 diagnosis, my doctors called it a “chronic disease that can be managed”, and I was determined to manage it. I immediately embarked on significant lifestyle changes – a complete dietary overhaul, managing my stress levels, eliminating toxins from my home and life, and striving to alter the environment where cancer had taken root. This active initiative led to an immediate improvement in my symptoms, and my first 3-month scan came back stable. This stability continued until 2016 when a tumor surfaced in my liver.

Finding an Integrative Approach

This new tumor prompted me to explore further treatment options, and I found an integrative oncologist who believed in my body’s ability to heal itself. We collaborated on lifestyle changes and introduced an additional aromatase inhibitor, supported by nutrition and supplementation. This comprehensive approach helped fully resolve the liver tumor within six months. Since then, I’ve been blessed to maintain stable organ scans and bone scans showing No Evidence of Disease (N.E.D.)!

Discovering Radical Remission

During this journey, I discovered the book Radical Remission by Kelly A. Turner, Ph.D. The book presents 10 common healing factors among over 1,500 survivors of spontaneous remission. This affirmation of my healing quest inspired me to incorporate these factors into my lifestyle. Today, as a Radical Remission Survivor, I thrive by embracing these healing factors!

Advocacy and Empowerment

I have evolved into a holistic cancer health coach, educator, speaker, and am proud to be named Co-Director of the Radical Remission Project as of January 2023. As a Certified Radical Remission Workshop Instructor & Health Coach, my mission is to share the power of the Radical Remission healing factors with the world.

You can connect with me through my website www.HealthNavs.com, or social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or email me at karla@HealthNavs.com.

Hope, Healing, and Survival

Karla’s story serves as a beacon of hope and resilience. At Learn Look Locate, our mission is to deliver essential information on early detection, diagnosis, and the latest treatments, along with personal accounts from formidable breast cancer survivors like Karla. We strive to empower individuals with knowledge and support throughout their journey. We welcome you to join our community and explore our survivor stories, and medical advisors pages. We’re here to guide you along your recovery journey and beyond.