Being a survivor has many meanings and each person’s story is unique. It is our hope through sharing these stories that you will see how survivors are thriving and doing everything they can to help others to be educated earlier by promoting early detection with education, inspiration, guidance and friendship.

Learn Look Locate is honored to feature breast cancer survivors from countries around the world. They share their experiences and details of their diagnosis to help others navigate through the breast cancer journey. We hope these stories from all over the world help you feel connected, educated and inspired.

Meet Karin – Stage 1 & BRCA 2 , Florida

There wasn’t a strong family history of Breast Cancer, but after my breast cancer diagnosis, my 2 adult children and myself tested positive for the BRCA2 genetic mutation…

Meet Simone – Stage 4, Canada

I won’t say that 2021 was the worst year of my life, or that I’ve been through proverbial hell. Cancer has given me more than it has taken.

Meet Natasha – Stage 2, Virginia

Hello, my name is Natasha, 34 years old, diagnosed with Stage 2 estrogen receptor her2- breast cancer at the age of 29 less than 2 months after saying “I Do” to my husband.

Meet Carolina – Stage 3, Japan

When I was 20 years old, my father passed away from lung cancer. At that time I realized how short life could be, so I decided to enjoy it as much as possible.

Meet Trish – Stage 2, Arizona

I am a two time cancer survivor. I learned I had stomach lymphoma in Nov. 2015 after the gastric sleeve surgery and have been in remission since 2016.

Meet Alisha – Stage 4 Paget’s Disease, Australia

This is my story at 27 years old I was healthy fit happy mother to 6 children one day after work when getting into the shower my bra had got stuck my nipple when I was in the shower I touched my left breast and found a lump…

Meet Erika – Stage 2, Columbus

Hi I’m Erika Silva, and I am I Breast Cancer Survivor. I was at home one evening just chilling before bed when I decided to do a self-breast exam and felt a lump.

Meet Zandra – Stage 0

Hi, I’m Zandra! Last October, at 36 years old and after 2 years of symptoms, I was diagnosed a rare form of breast cancer called Paget’s disease.

Meet Tina – Stage 3A

I am an eight year breast cancer survivor and the daughter of a two time breast cancer survivor.

Meet Fran – Stage 4

My name is Fran from the UK, I had primary cancer at the age of 35, I had a Mastectomy chemo radiotherapy and reconstruction, I then took tamoxifen for 5 years.

Meet Lexsie – Previvor

No answers to other health issues I was dealing with led me to finding out more about my family health history. I had no idea that no answers would give me a different direction in finding out that my family…

Meet Dr. Malhotra – Previvor

Meet Dr. Simran–she is a BRCA 1 Previvor who has been so kind to share some great tips on how to regain your confidence after a double mastectomy.⁠

Meet Vicki – Stage 1

Four time breast cancer survivor and I carry the BRCA2 genetic mutation. I’m an advocate for breast cancer, male breast cancer and hereditary cancers.

Meet Amber – Stage 0

Before being diagnosed with breast cancer I had absolutely ZERO knowledge of the debilitating disease.