“Our mission is to create a global movement of critical education for the early detection of breast cancer.” —Cynthia Jordan, Founder


“Breast cancer is the most commonly occurring cancer in women and the second most common cancer overall. There were over 2 million new cases in 2018.”

Although some risk reduction might be achieved with prevention, such strategies do little to help in low- and middle-income countries where breast cancer is diagnosed in very late stages. Early detection remains the cornerstone of breast cancer control.

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Although breast cancer in young adults is rare, more than 250,000 living in the United States today were diagnosed under age 40. In young adults, breast cancer tends to be diagnosed in its later stages. It also tends to be more aggressive. Young adults have a higher mortality rate. As well as a higher risk of metastatic recurrence. (SOURCE:

Nearly 80% of young women diagnosed with breast cancer find their breast abnormality themselves. (SOURCE: Ruddy, K. et al. “Presentation of breast cancer in young women,” Journal of Clinical Oncology 27:15S.)



Survivor Stories.

We feature survivors from countries around the world who share the incredible story of their breast cancer journey and offer words of advice on the early detection of breast cancer for the Learn Look Locate community.

By sharing, survivors connect with other women to help educate and demonstrate how they are thriving.

Survivors are reaching out to Learn Look Locate when diagnosed and shortly after treatment because they want to help other women and share their unique stories to educate on early detection.


Stage 3, Pennsylvania

“My name is Jamelle Singleton. I am currently fighting Stage 3 Breast Cancer. I have been married for 5 years and I have 3 kids, 1 daughter and 2 bonus children! My husband is a teacher and I work for Cigna.⁠”


Stage 0 & stage 1 invasive breast cancer HR2 +, Kenya⁠

My name is Adera, originally from Kenya but lived in SA for over 20 years. My journey as a breast cancer survivor has been an ongoing process. I was diagnosed with dcis stage 0 on my left breast.


Stage 2, Wisconsin⁠

I found the lump when I first took a pregnancy test at 5 weeks but I assumed it was just a possible clogged duct or pregnancy changes.


Stage 2, Portugal⁠

“I’m Beatriz, also known as “Lady Bea” from the brand new project “Lady dos Lenços”.
“Lenços” is the Portuguese word for scarves.”


Stage 3, Washington DC

“I was diagnosed with Stage 3B Invasive Breast Cancer at age 34 in 2015.”


Stage 3, United Kingdom⁠

“It’s time to share my story! Here it goes my friends.”


Stage 3, California⁠

“Hello, my name is Cayatanita (Kai-Ya-Ta-Nih- Ta), I am a thriving survivor of both Cardiovascular Disease and Breast Cancer (BRCA2 – TNBC) living in San Diego, CA.”


Stage 2, South Carolina

“Hi! My name is Lauren. I have been married for 3.5 years and I have a two year old son.”


2x Survivor, Canada

“My name is Tina Martel. I am a two-time breast cancer survivor. Not words I ever thought I would have to say.”


Stage 2 – Triple Negative, California

“I was always meticulous with my breast exams and mammograms and never felt a lump. My last mammogram was May 2017, so for the lump to be there, it had to have grown quickly. And for some strange reason, even before I received the news, I knew it was cancer.”


Previvor, Canada

“I removed my healthy breasts and ovaries and have no regrets. In fact, I am extremely proud of my decision and would not change a thing.”


Stage 1, Ohio

“Stand up and show the world who you are. Enjoy the freedom that comes from self-acceptance and self-love. You are worthy of it!”


Learn Look Locate has created a community where women feel accepted and understood.

Calming and hopeful messages using inspirational quotes are designed to help women stay positive and connect globally.

We also provide emotional messages that express and resonate with the raw emotions surrounding all aspects of breast cancer.


Cynthia Jordan, Founder of Learn Look Locate

Learn Look Locate was founded in 2018 as a global movement of critical education for the early detection of breast cancer. Cynthia Jordan, Founder and CEO, is a breast cancer survivor who was diagnosed with Stage 2B breast cancer, even though she had annual mammograms. Immediately following her diagnosis, Cynthia realized that scrambling through the anxiety of the internet, coupled with the need to self-educate about her disease and possible treatments, did not help her level of extreme anxiety. Cynthia decided that she would do all she could to ensure other women would be aware of the importance of early detection, as well as diagnosis and treatment options available, and—perhaps most importantly—the Community necessary to help women find a place for answers and support. She did not want anyone to not be informed on all of the information she discovered once being diagnosed, and she wanted people to be empowered with as much knowledge as possible, but in a calm and soothing manner.

Activated, Cynthia created Learn Look Locate: a welcoming web presence that resonates with women in all phases of cancer awareness, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment because it is built with and for them. Questions get answered, experiences are shared, and offerings are tracked down and promoted—all based on the Community’s submissions, needs, and wants. Learn Look Locate is a web community for educatinginspiring, and connecting.

Educating: Learn Look Locate provides essential information about breast cancer, from detection through recovery. Skipping all of the misinformation and confusing medical jargon, Learn Look Locate delivers education in simple, easy-to-understand language. Select medical practitioners provide information, resources, and assistance to help ensure a sense of connection and understanding.

Inspiring: Learn Look Locate wants to inspire patients and their loved ones that their circumstances are manageable and that there are others who have been though similar experiences. This is done through first-person testimonials, on the site’s blog and various social media channels.

Connecting: Learn Look Locate helps to connect women with others who have been through similar situations and who can provide a calming acceptance of sharing and healing together. Making connections is a core concept of who we are and what we do.