Stage 3, California

“Hello, my name is Cayatanita (Kai-Ya-Ta-Nih- Ta), I am a thriving survivor of both Cardiovascular Disease and Breast Cancer (BRCA2 – TNBC) living in San Diego, CA.”

This second life-threatening experience has taught me, I am the CEO of my health and medical professionals are the board of directors. Do not, ever, let anyone tell you something that doesn’t sit right with you. ⁠My treatment involved a double mastectomy, fertility preservation, six months of chemotherapy, six weeks of radiation, and I am currently working through physical therapy as I have lymphedema. ⁠My journey is not at a close at this time, because I still have to have reconstruction surgery in the future, but with Covid-19 that is on hold. It just gives me more time to think about if I want to be a ⁠
part of the ‘Plastic Titty Committee’ or a ‘Flatty Babe’.

Personally, I want anyone, and especially women of colour, who may be going through a similar situation to know that your feelings, concerns, and your voice matter. If you find yourself not being comfortable advocating for yourself, express your thoughts with family and friends (put together your dream team) to be able to offer you the support you need to strive to thrive. Rise through your journey and know that your soul tribe is out there and waiting! ⁠
And I am here Truly Here to offer any Support, the best way that I can! I can be reached on any of my social media platforms YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. ⁠
Peace, Love, and Plenty of Coconut Oil!🌴 ⁠