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At Learn Look Locate, we recognize the importance of collaboration in the fight against male breast cancer. We are proud to partner with three esteemed organizations, each committed to a unique mission that aligns with our goal to educate, inspire, and connect men globally. Together, we are making strides in awareness, support, and research.

Male Breast Cancer Global Alliance

The Male Breast Cancer Global Alliance (MBCGA) is on a mission to change the face of breast cancer. They actively fight for men’s inclusion in breast cancer-related research and clinical trials, engage in legislative advocacy, and foster global collaboration. Their annual conference connects survivors, medical professionals, and supporters, imparting the latest information on research and clinical trials. They are determined to make a difference in the lives of men and their families, working tirelessly to save lives through global partnerships, support, connection, advocacy, and education. They won’t stop until there’s a cure for breast cancer, for everyone.

HIS Breast Cancer Awareness

HIS Breast Cancer Awareness is a nonprofit organization founded to honor men at risk of, diagnosed with, and surviving breast cancer. Created by a brother and sister who have both been diagnosed with breast cancer and carry the BRCA2 genetic mutation, they offer insight, education, and support on male breast cancer and hereditary cancers. Their mission is to increase awareness, early detection, and access to regular screenings for all men. They provide a comfortable setting that removes the stigma of a breast cancer diagnosis and offers a supportive Facebook Community Male Breast Cancer Support Group page where questions can be asked and thoughts expressed.

Rod, a Sydney-born writer, internet publisher, and breast cancer patient activist, runs Diagnosed with Stage IIIB IBC and later with prostate cancer, Rod is now NED for both cancers. He contributes to various online communities, writes articles, creates videos, and speaks about male breast cancer. His website includes links to the latest research and a Manifesto aimed at securing basic equivalence for men diagnosed with and treated for this disease. Rod’s work as a Project LEAD Graduate and President of the Board of Directors for the Male Breast Cancer Global Alliance further emphasizes his commitment to education and advocacy.

“These partnerships reflect our commitment to a comprehensive approach to male breast cancer. By working together, we aim to create a world where no man has to face this disease alone. Join us in spreading the word and making a difference in the lives of those affected by male breast cancer.”

– Cynthia Jordan, Founder, Stage 2B

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