Walgreens oncology-specialized pharmacy care team can support you beyond medication

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Getting Started

Whether you’re looking for medication convenience, ways to better afford your medication, hoping to start a family someday, or simply want to look and feel your best during your chemotherapy treatment, Walgreens offers tools and resources to help. Click the button below to find a Walgreens oncology-specialized pharmacy near you.

Cancer Care

When you or a loved one is undergoing cancer treatment, you don’t want to have to worry about things like getting prescriptions on time, affording your medications or how to manage side effects. It’s our job to make sure you have the support and information you need so you can concentrate on your well-being.
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Medication and side effect management

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Medication interaction review

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Clear communication

Fertility Resources

If you are being treated for cancer and thinking about starting or adding to your family, it’s important to know that the treatments may affect your fertility. We’re here to help, with fertility preservation medications, trusted expertise and compassionate support.

Feel More Like You® Service

Our Feel More Like You® service features pharmacists and beauty consultants who are specially trained to help people better manage internal and visible side effects from cancer treatment. When you’re going through treatment for any type of cancer, the side effects can impact not only how you feel on the inside, but how you see yourself in the mirror. Click the links below to learn more about incorporating beauty into your journey.


Due to their genetic makeup, some people can be more
susceptible to certain types of cancer. Screenings can
help you and your doctor determine your susceptibility
and develop the best treatment options for you. Walgreens provides our oncology-specialized pharmacists with educational resources on BRCA mutations so that we can help support you throughout your cancer care journey.

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Meet Tricia


“Every experience I have had with my Walgreens pharmacy has been one that has left me feeling like I really matter to them. Throughout my health journey the Walgreens pharmacy has helped me manage side effects, helped me order refills seamlessly, taught me about my medications, and even assisted me in finding programs to help pay for my medications. Walgreens pharmacy never fails to make me feel like part of the family by even remembering my name when I come in. The personalized service, endless knowledge, and the rolling out the red carpet for my interactions will keep me a customer there for a very long time.”

Meet Dr. Alex Cosimano

Certified Specialty Pharmacist

“It is such an honor to be a part of this collaboration between Learn Look Locate and Walgreens specialty pharmacy. Specialty pharmacies have such amazing resources for patients that many do not realize. Aside from providing medication, we can help connect patients to innumerable resources including education, screening, fertility preservation, financial assistance, and community support. I look forward to extending these resources to the Learn Look Locate community. As a pharmacist, I believe foremost in helping patients to fit their medication regimen into their lives rather than building their lives around their medication. This includes working to mitigate side effects and educating on how to get the best results from their medication.”

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