Meet Taylor - Stage 1b Triple Negative from Alabama

Meet Taylor – Stage 1b Triple Negative from Alabama

My lump came up in my armpit. It felt like a skittle right under the skin. I had breastfed for 5 1/2 years and have no family history of breast cancer. I ignored it for 6 months until it started burning. I was told by an OB-GYN, radiologist and a breast surgeon that it was nothing. I was told I couldn’t get a biopsy while breastfeeding for fear of infection. I found a radiologist that would do a biopsy and it came back Triple Negative Breast Cancer.

From my understanding my 1 risk factor was extremely dense breast tissue. December 2021 I started IV chemo. I then had a lumpectomy and 20 rounds of radiation. I did 5 more rounds of IV chemo and then chemo pills until October 2022.

I want to be a voice for people who think they are safe from this cancer. In my experience it can happen to anyone at anytime of their life.