Dr. Christina Hibbert, stage 1 survivor

Dr. Christina Hibbert

Stage 1, Arizona

“Hi, all. I’m @drchristinahibbert (but you can call me Christi). It’s an honor to be part of the Learn Look Locate medical team, focusing on the psychological, emotional, and mental impact of breast cancer.”

But I’m not just the “expert” because of my education as a psychologist. I’m the “expert” because I’m a @breastcancer.warrior just like you—going through this intense and insane experience day-by-day STILL, two years after being diagnosed with stage 1 triple negative IDC at age 44. I’ve undergone 13 surgeries, chemotherapy, cold-capping, and countless complications; in fact, I’m still dealing with what I call “Breast Cancer Treatment TREATMENT.” I was also diagnosed with the BRCA1 genetic mutation two weeks after being diagnosed with cancer, and so far one of my 6 children has it, too.

I know the physical toll. And I know, and am just beginning to work on, the mental-emotional-spiritual-social toll this onslaught of traumatic events has left me with. I know something of YOUR struggles and needs because I AM you. And you are ME. And together, we can learn the strategies, coping skills and receive the support we need to not only overcome CANCER but to overcome all that comes WITH cancer.

DM me anytime with questions or comments. I look forward to serving and getting to know you better!

Learn more about Dr. Hibbert’s books, blog, “Motherhood” podcast, “Breast Cancer Warrior” movement, and other resources on her award-winning website, www.DrChristinaHibbert.com. And join the “Growing Through Breast Cancer” FB and global virtual emotional support group, here.
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