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Christine Handy: From Breast Cancer Survivor to Film Producer – ‘Hello Beautiful’

Christine Handy’s Vision: Bringing Hope to the Big Screen

Christine Handy, a beacon of resilience and inspiration in the breast cancer community, embarks on a groundbreaking journey to alter the narrative of cancer in media with her upcoming film, ‘Hello Beautiful.’ As a ten-year stage 2 breast cancer survivor, Christine’s personal battle has been the impetus for a much-needed shift in how stories of cancer are portrayed. She shares her motivation: “When I was going through chemotherapy for breast cancer, I felt a deep yearning to watch uplifting, hopeful films and other media concerning breast cancer. Unfortunately, the majority of the films I found, ended with a funeral. Not all, but too many. I assumed that if I felt that disappointment with the limited cultural portrayal of the disease, maybe others did as well. Since then, it has been a focus and a dream of mine to use my personal experiences to change that one-sided and fear-based narrative, especially for those that have come after me. Now, 5 years in the making, we have officially started production on a film called, ‘Hello Beautiful.’ This film will not eliminate the necessary illustration of pain and duress that accompanies this statement, ‘You have cancer.’ But it is a story filled with hope, purpose and joy that also exists after a diagnosis. This movie is for the cancer community that deserves hope in film. Stay tuned for more updates. We start filming on January 3 in Boston, Massachusetts.”

The Genesis of ‘Hello Beautiful’: A Story Filled with Hope and Joy

‘Hello Beautiful’ is not just a film; it’s a movement to redefine the cultural portrayal of breast cancer. Christine’s experience during chemotherapy revealed a gap in uplifting, hopeful media for those battling cancer. “This movie is for the cancer community that deserves hope in film,” she asserts. The production, set to start filming in Boston, promises to be a tale of resilience and optimism.

A Commitment Beyond the Screen: Christine Handy’s Role as LLL Ambassador

In addition to her film work, Christine serves as an ambassador for Learn Look Locate, an organization providing critical resources and support for those affected by breast cancer. She expresses her pride in this role: “I’m proud to be an ambassador for Learn Look Locate which is also the new and improved place to learn about all things breast cancer. Learn Look Locate is a website filled with valuable information and survivor stories to provide support and resources.” Her role amplifies the importance of education and community in the fight against this disease. Learn more about Christine Handy and other inspiring survivors here.

Overcoming Adversity: Christine’s Inspirational Journey

Christine’s road through breast cancer was marked by formidable challenges: 28 rounds of chemotherapy and 9 surgeries. These trials have not only shaped her story but also her resolve to bring a message of hope and triumph to others facing similar battles. Visit Christine Handy’s website to learn more about her journey.

Shaping a New Narrative

Christine Handy’s venture into film production with ‘Hello Beautiful’ is a significant stride in changing the dialogue around breast cancer. Her story, from survival to creating a film of hope and empowerment, is a testament to the strength and resilience of the human spirit. For more inspiring stories like Christine’s journey visit our survivor stories page.

Learn Look Locate: Empowering and Uniting the Breast Cancer Community

Learn Look Locate, where Christine Handy proudly serves as an ambassador, stands at the forefront of breast cancer education and support. This platform is not just about spreading awareness; it’s a thriving community where survivors, warriors, and supporters unite. By sharing powerful stories, resources, and up-to-date information, LLL empowers individuals to navigate their breast cancer journey with confidence and hope. It’s a place where every story, including Christine’s, becomes a beacon of inspiration, echoing the message that no one has to face this battle alone.