Stage 3, Canada

“What happened next was nothing short of a miracle which included emailing my GP, having a mammogram, biopsy and ultrasound and being diagnosed within 6 calendar days.

Here is what followed:

– IVF to preserve fertility just a week later
– 8 rounds of ACT chemotherapy
– Genetic testing and BRCA2 genetic mutation
– Bilateral mastectomy with immediate placement of tissue expanders.
– Emergency surgery 3 weeks later to remove expanders due to infection
– 15 Radiation treatments with Deep Inspiration Breath hold.”

I’ve just started 24 weeks of Oral chemo (Capecitabine). As hard is this is, my body continues to carry me through this journey and I could not be more proud of what we’ve accomplished.

My largest goal is to encourage everyone to perform breast exams, to take the time to know and understand what is normal for them, so they can raise their hand and get the help that they need if necessary.