Karolina stage 3

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Karolina’s Journey: Embracing Healing and Growth Beyond Stage 3 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Breast Cancer

The biggest lesson of my life

Discovering the Unexpected: A Pre-Christmas Diagnosis

In August 2021, I discovered a lump in my breast. However, the initial ultrasound did not show anything worrying, and I was sent home to live my life. A couple of weeks later, I found another lump and went back for another scan. Eventually, in December 2021, only a couple of days before Christmas, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Navigating Treatment Options: A Holistic Approach

After an initial shock and rollercoaster of emotions, I decided to face it head-on, and my healing journey began in 2022. Although I followed the conventional route, I soon discovered alternative options, which I incorporated into my treatment.

Around the time of my surgery, I read the book “Radical Remission” by Kelly A Turner PhD and decided to radically change my lifestyle in accordance with the 10 principles listed in the book. Some of them came naturally to me, such as having strong reasons for living and increasing positive emotions. Other aspects, like good nutrition—what to eat and what to avoid—were things I had to learn. I also focused on deepening my spiritual connection because I believe that healing happens in the three dimensions of body, mind, and soul.

Cancer as a Teacher: Learning Life’s Greatest Lessons

I am very reluctant to say that I won the battle with cancer, as I never really fought. I see cancer as my body’s natural response to tell me that something was not right. It helped me be more open-minded and make adjustments in my life to become the best version of myself. I see it as a lesson I needed to learn and not a disease I need to hate and fight.

Inspiring Others: Embracing Life During and After Cancer Treatment

During my treatment, I was often complimented on my positive attitude. I wish to inspire other cancer patients to enjoy their life and take good care of themselves. I want people to know that cancer does not have to be the end of our life, but it could be a new beginning.

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At Learn Look Locate, Karolina’s courageous battle against breast cancer touches our hearts deeply. We are honored to share her story, offering a platform for survivors to come together, learn, and find solace in one another’s experiences. Through our diverse range of resources including Karolina’s survivor narrative, our mission is to empower individuals at every phase of their cancer journey. We proudly stand by Karolina’s and all those who demonstrate remarkable courage, celebrating their strength and reminding the world that hope shines brightest, even amidst life’s greatest trials.