Paris, Stage 3, Georgia

Paris: Triumphing Over Multiple Sclerosis and Stage 3 Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

The First Hurdle: Living with MS and Discovering Cancer

My name is Paris. At the age of 35, I was already dealing with multiple sclerosis when I received another life-altering diagnosis: triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC). I knew facing cancer would be scary, but I was up for the challenge.

The Moment of Truth: Diagnosis and Emotions

I remember getting a call while at work, and the radiologist said, “both tumors have cancer cells.” A few days later, my surgeon confirmed that I had stage 3, grade 3 triple-negative breast cancer.

The Power of Positivity: My Personal Mantra

My favorite hashtag that I created was #BeautifulWithMSAndCancer. I knew that if I could conquer MS, I could face cancer head-on like a champ. Staying positive and keeping faith were my guiding lights.

The Battle Within: Emotional and Physical Struggles

Going through breast cancer is tough. I went through a lot mentally, emotionally, and physically. But no matter what, I fought and kept my eyes on the prize: beating cancer and becoming a survivor.

The Silver Lining: Finding Beauty in the Struggle

Even in the worst times, I looked for the positive side of things and saw the beauty in it all. Every day, I looked in the mirror and told myself, “Girl, you got this.” I went through every journey from chemotherapy to radiation, keeping myself in a good headspace.

Turning Pain into Purpose: My Ongoing Mission

I took my experience and journey, and I’m determined to help someone else. I’ve been through a lot on this breast cancer journey, but God has kept me.

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