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Helping you navigate your breast cancer journey with Charles Weaver, MD, Medical Oncologist, Medical Advisor.

Hearing the diagnosis of breast cancer can send your mind into a whirlwind. It is one of those moments that will stay in your mind forever. Once you are past the initial shock, it is normal to have a million thoughts and questions going through your head. You need someone to help you organize those thoughts and answer questions about your diagnosis. That is where Cancer First Call comes in.

Cancer First Call is a unique and innovative service provided by The Personalized Medicine Foundation which is dedicated to helping cancer patients navigate their journey. This is a personalized service to help newly diagnosed or recently recurrent breast cancer patient understand their diagnosis and determine the next steps in navigating their treatment. During their “first call,” patients learn how to proceed to begin the most effective treatment for their type and stage of breast cancer. Each patient is connected with an oncologist that can provide valuable information and guidance through this overwhelming process.

How does it work

This free service is available to anyone with a breast cancer diagnosis – you can visit the Cancer First Call website and fill out the online registration. A member of Cancer First Call will contact you and schedule a time to talk with an oncologist who will review your situation, answer questions and help you determine the next steps.

Personalized Advocacy Program

First of its kind where oncologists help patients directly

Breast cancer patients need an advocate on their side to help them determine the best treatment and pathway to recovery for their situation. Cancer First Call provides an advocacy service specifically for breast cancer patients. Oncologists participating in Cancer First Call provide a personalized recommendation for each patient, not tainted by what their doctor, clinic, or insurance company believes is best for them.

The information shared during your “first call” can point you in the right direction to begin your breast cancer journey. Knowledge is power, and every breast cancer patient should have access to all the information that will help them succeed in fighting this disease.

“The mission of the Personalized Medicine Foundation (PMF) is to help individuals impacted by a cancer diagnosis understand the growing role of genetics, genomics and precision medicines in the treatment of their cancer and provide a community where rapidly advancing treatment information essential to personalized cancer care can be accessed and shared in a safe environment. Together with organizations like LLL we hope to help individuals be better prepared to navigate their cancer diagnosis.”

Dr. Charles Weaver

Medical Oncologist, Advisor - Learn Look Locate

Conversation with our medical advisor

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Dr. Charles H Weaver on Breast Cancer Connect Community

“Welcome to this beautiful page where my medical advisor, Dr. Charles Weaver, Medical Oncologist is here to help guide you through navigating these unchartered waters.  I was so frightened and overwhelmed and filled with questions and I only wish I had this incredible resource where Dr. Weaver is here to help guide you through the road ahead with his expertise and commitment to helping patients be empowered with knowledge to assist you on this difficult journey.”

— XOXO, Cynthia, Founder, Stage 2B

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