Empowering Breast Cancer Survivors: Confidence with Courage

Confidence with Courage features inspiring breast cancer survivors who have made remarkable strides in their personal and professional lives while navigating their cancer journey. Discover their stories of strength, resilience, and determination.

South Africa

I underwent chemotherapy and radiation while modeling partime. While it wasn’t an easy journey as the treatment had without a doubt a huge impact on my emotional well-being, mental health and physical appearance it gave me the courage to share my breast cancer journey with family and friends. While at the same time educating, informing and encouraging young women, specifically young African women that your life can and will continue pre, during and post diagnosis.


“Fashion is fun. It should be for everyone not just the perfect body!”

Women who have had double or single mastectomies and chosen not to reconstruct are encouraged to hide, to camouflage the damage to fit in. When faced with this a few years ago I was determined that I would do in on my terms. I would live authentically in my newly flattened body and maybe by being so open I could give other breast cancer survivors the courage to do the same. Together we could challenge the notion of normal and acceptable. We could normalize flat.

I started an Instagram account that featured fashion for “flatties”. I discovered LLL (Learn Look Locate )and I was thrilled to see the depth of what Cynthia was offering to the BC community. She presents a comprehensive and honest view of all things breast cancer. I am very pleased to be a regular part of her team and I can’t wait to connect with more of you.

Instagram: @not_in_the_pink_

New York

My name is Michaela and I am the president and founder of the Breast Cancer Confidence Project. Our organization focuses on helping women overcome confidence and body image concerns after their diagnosis, and we are currently in the application process to obtain nonprofit designation.

I love working with Learn Look Locate because they are so passionate about preventative education and helping women navigate the side effects of treatment as well as life after cancer – basically, the full spectrum of a journey with breast cancer. When I first started Breast Cancer Confidence Project, one of my primary goals was also to show that full spectrum of a battle with breast cancer. This is why I used boudoir photography throughout my treatment and life beyond to navigate my own self-esteem issues and to display the evolution of a warrior. Cynthia has been supporting my transformation almost from the start of my project and is such a positive voice in the breast cancer community – I’m truly honored to be a part of Learn Look Locate.
You can find Breast Cancer Confidence Project on Facebook and Instagram @breastcancerconfidence, or visit our website – and remember: you are BEAUTIFUL no matter where you are in your personal journey.


My modeling mission
To show that true beauty comes from the inside. The depth of pain can not stop anyone from accomplishing anything in the beauty space. I am proof of that.

I have been connected with LLL for a few years. Cynthia’s drive to educate and empower women and men in the breast cancer space is a mission I want to be a part of. My role in fashion started as a young model. It has blossomed into a platform for me to teach and inspire inclusivity of all women in the fashion and modeling space. Whether by brand inclusion or representing the flat or concave breast cancer collective on the runway. We generate more change as a team not as individuals.

Instagram: @christinehandy1

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North Carolina

I am excited to once again join forces with Learn Look Locate to champion breast cancer awareness and early detection on a global scale. As a two-time breast cancer survivor, I am deeply committed to ensuring that everyone understands the significance of regular screenings and check-ups.

Pageantry has played a pivotal role in empowering me to share this important message with confidence. It has provided me with a unique platform to amplify my voice and reach diverse audiences. The stage has become my canvas, where I can beautifully express my advocacy for breast health and inspire others to take charge of their well-being.

In the words of Harriet Tubman, “Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” These words resonate profoundly with me, reminding me of the transformative power of dreams and the potential within each of us to create positive change.

I want to shine a spotlight on the emotional journey intertwined with my experience. Balancing the demands of pageantry while navigating the challenges of breast cancer was no easy feat. It required immense strength, resilience, and unwavering determination. Striding confidently in a bathing suit during those moments became a powerful symbol of my courage and refusal to let cancer define me.

My mission is clear—to save lives Internationally. By leveraging the platform of pageantry, I aim to captivate hearts and minds, sparking conversations about breast cancer awareness, prevention, and early detection.

Teaming up with Learn Look Locate, we are an unstoppable force, working tirelessly to spread knowledge, provide vital resources, and ensure that people worldwide have access to life-saving treatments.

Whether, we will continue to dream big, reach for the stars, and make a lasting impact on breast cancer awareness. Let us celebrate the strength and beauty within each individual, while inspiring a collective effort to change the world—one awareness campaign, one early detection, and one empowered life at a time.

— Phaedra Pistone – Mrs. South Carolina International


INSTAGRAM: @‌phaedrapistone 

FACEBOOK: phaedraloran



Aren’t these women from all over the world just amazing?

These incredible women continue to inspire me every day with their “confidence with courage” and I wanted to share their beautiful story and message with you.

We are surviving, thriving in our own unique ways to help inspire, uplift and connect with anyone touched by this disease. We hope this page brings you a sense of connection, comfort and confidence on your journey.

Cynthia, Adera, Tina, Christine, Michaela, and Phaedra

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