Headshot of Ellyn from Canada, a stage 2B breast cancer survivor

An Unexpected Journey: Ellyn’s Battle with Stage 2B Breast Cancer

The Diagnosis That Changed Everything

Hi, I’m Ellyn, or as many of you know me on Instagram, @‌flatplease. My life took an unexpected turn on March 10, 2022, when I was diagnosed with multi-focal breast cancer in my left breast. A few months later, on May 31, I underwent an operation that transformed my body – I chose an aesthetic flat closure, saying goodbye to my D cup. I didn’t want implants or to sacrifice other parts of my body. I also didn’t want years of repeated surgeries and hospital visits. I just wanted to confront cancer head-on and move forward.

The Challenge of Treatment

Despite initial beliefs that there was no lymph node involvement, pathology revealed a different story. In response, I embarked on a 12-week journey through chemotherapy from July to September 2022, involving four rounds of Docetaxel on a three-week cycle. Being fit and healthy prior to my diagnosis greatly helped, as I experienced few side effects and was able to continue working and maintaining my workout routine. Similarly, during my 15 rounds of radiation, delivered daily over three weeks, the side effects were minimal – save for a permanent tan on my left side!

Life After Cancer: A Changed Woman

Cancer didn’t just change me physically – it transformed me mentally too. I emerged from this experience a different woman – more confident, more determined, and a greater feminist than ever before. I now strive to make the world better for women, to improve women’s health, and empower women to feel less victimized in their healthcare journeys. I’ve been advocating for women, and you can expect my book, “Flat Please,” in the fall. Keep an eye on this space and my @‌flatplease account for more updates and surprises!

Empowering Women Through Shared Stories

Through sharing my story, my hope is to highlight the courage of every woman who faces this life-altering diagnosis. At Learn Look Locate, our mission is to provide crucial information on early detection, diagnosis, and latest treatments, together with personal narratives from strong breast cancer survivors like myself. We aim to equip individuals with the knowledge and support needed throughout their journey. We invite you to join our supportive community and delve into our survivor stories, and medical advisors pages. We’re here to help you navigate your path to recovery and beyond.