Fran from UK


Stage 4, United Kingdom

My name is Fran from the UK, I had primary cancer at the age of 35, I had a Mastectomy chemo radiotherapy and reconstruction, I then took tamoxifen for 5 years.

I kept having a little wheeze and cough and was treated as though I had a chest infection although I also kept losing my balance, this is classed as having paraneoplastic disorder, this is when the cancer is causing havoc but actually can’t be found on the scans, it was eventually seen in both of my lungs (lung mets). I’m stage 4 now with incurable cancer. The life span is 2-3 years of life, I’m one of the lucky ones 8 years on and still on treatment, there wasn’t a lot of support when I was diagnosed so I set up a support group on social media, it is the largest support group for secondary in the UK. I have helped and supported over 3,000 men and women with secondary breast cancer.

It’s not been easy health wise. I’ve had a stroke, a few tias, blood clots, pcp to name just a few.

I continue to help and support as many as I can even when members go to the hospice.

I’ve never had a nurse to chat to this is another reason for my group to support people going through this awful disease. I take Zoladex and Letrozole, 100 Zoladex injections so far 4 weekly into my tummy. There is hope, there are treatments and lastly there is support.