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Learn Look Locate was created to help educate and empower people globally about critical information regarding their breast health. We are a warm global authentic outreach connecting physicians and survivors regarding breast cancer education, community outreach, social media, and innovative breast cancer research and treatment options.


Gain vital knowledge with our educational resources on breast cancer awareness, prevention, and care.


Be uplifted by powerful stories of resilience and hope from breast cancer survivors across the globe.


Join a supportive network bridging patients, survivors, and medical professionals in navigating the complexities of breast cancer.

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Discover the latest in breast cancer treatment and innovative care technologies.


Explore your options in breast reconstruction, empowering your post-treatment choices.

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Survivor of the month

Cindy - Stage 1 DCIS Breast Cancer

Survivor Blog of the month

The Power of Reaching Out to Someone is Priceless

Play Video about Dr. Anne Peled Headshot
Interview of the month

Dr. Peled’s Insights on Sensation-Preserving Mastectomy and Breast Reconstruction

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News of the month

Liquid Biopsy in Early Detection

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Explore the expertise of our medical advisors, dedicated to advancing breast cancer awareness and treatment.

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Engage with in-depth discussions featuring doctors and experts on key breast cancer topics.

Featured Posts
Dr. Amy Patel, Breast Radiologist
Your Mammogram

Expert insights into mammography and its pivotal role in detection.

Dr. Amy Patel
Dr. Allison DiPasquale headshot
Genetic Testing

Explore the significance of genetics in breast cancer diagnosis.

Dr. Allison DiPasquale
Featured Video
Your Mammogram, a closer look
Dr. Amy Patel
Featured Posts
Dr. Hannah Gilmore Headshot
Key to your diagnosis

Dr. Gilmore reveals crucial factors for accurate breast cancer diagnosis.

Dr. Hannah Gilmore
Dr. Rahul Singh headshot
Oncology Overview

Dr. Singh offers a comprehensive look at oncology care.

Dr. Rahul Singh
Dr. Ramji Rajendran headshot
Understanding Brain Mets

Insight into brain metastases from breast cancer with Dr. Rajendran.

Dr. Ramji Rajendran
Featured Video
Options if Newly Diagnosed with Breast Cancer and Facing a Mastectomy
Dr. Ron Israeli
Featured Posts
Dr. Barry Rosen headshot
Know Your Options

Navigating treatment choices with Dr. Rosen’s experienced guidance.

Dr. Ron Israeli
Treatments and Tests

A look at essential treatments and tests in breast cancer care.

Dr. Barry Rosen
Dr. Rahul Singh headshot
Oncology Overview

Dr. Singh offers a comprehensive look at oncology care.

Dr. Rahul Singh
Radiation Education

Understanding radiation’s role in treatment with Dr. Rajendran.

Dr. Ramji Rajendran
Dr. Yara Robertson headshot
Breast Cancer Surgery

Dr. Robertson discusses preparation and approaches to breast surgery.

Dr. Yara Robertson
Featured Video
Interview on Precision Medicine in Treatment Plans for the Breast Cancer Patient
Dr. Barry Rosen
Featured Posts
Dr. Anne Peled headshot
Sensation Preserving Mastectomy

Innovative mastectomy techniques prioritizing sensation retention.

Dr. Anne Peled
Dr. Ron Israeli headshot
Reconstruction Roadmap

Dr. Israeli’s guide through breast reconstruction options.

Dr. Ron Israeli
Featured Video
Anne Peled MD Renewing Possibilities: Nerve Reconstruction Surgery for Mastectomy Survivors
Dr. Anne Peled
Featured Posts

Managing lymphedema in breast cancer with expert advice.

James B. Saviers II
Featured Video
Radiation Treatment for Breast Cancer
Dr. Ramji Rajendran

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Breast Cancer News

Christine Handy: From Breast Cancer Survivor to Film Producer – ‘Hello Beautiful’

Tamoxifen - The Comprehensive Guide with Dr. Rahul Singh

Navigating Breast Cancer Recurrence

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Connect with a global network of survivors sharing their experiences to educate and inspire.

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Dive into the heartfelt personal accounts of breast cancer survivors, offering authentic perspectives and shared experiences that resonate and inspire.

Emotional Contributors

Voices sharing heartfelt experiences and emotional support in breast cancer journeys.

Confidence With Courage

Empowering stories that fuse strength with vulnerability during breast cancer.

Global Flatties

Celebrating flat closure advocacy and body positivity worldwide.

Stage 4

Insights and inspirations from those navigating Stage 4 breast cancer.

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Your experience matters. It can inspire, educate, and give hope to others on similar paths. Share your unique breast cancer journey with us and be a beacon of strength in our community. 

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All the amazing people you see here I have connected with personally on my own breast cancer journey. I am so grateful to them for allowing me to share their stories and expertise with you to help educate, inspire and connect us globally.  I am very thankful for their willingness to be a part of this outreach for the support and education for breast cancer.

— XOXO, Founder, Cynthia, Stage 2B