Breast Cancer Boudoir: Celebrating Resilience and Beauty

Empowering survivors to embrace their beauty, strength, and scars through transformative boudoir photography.

The Mission Behind the Lens

The Breast Cancer Confidence Project is a dedicated nonprofit organization with a mission to uplift and empower women who have faced the challenges of breast cancer. Through the art of boudoir photography, the project seeks to help survivors overcome body image challenges, embrace their scars, and celebrate their resilience.

The Inspiration: Michaela Raes' Personal Journey

At the age of 28, Michaela Raes faced a life-altering breast cancer diagnosis. This challenge, coupled with her existing body image concerns, led her to book a boudoir session just days before her treatment. As she navigated the tumultuous journey of cancer treatment, Michaela found solace and empowerment in boudoir photography. Her personal experience became the catalyst for the Breast Cancer Confidence Project, aiming to offer the same healing and empowerment to others.

Michaela Raes

The Power of Boudoir Photography

Boudoir photography serves as a transformative experience for survivors. It allows them to:

Location and Reach

Based in New York State, the Breast Cancer Confidence Project has a global impact, providing inspiration and support to survivors worldwide.


Operated by a volunteer board of directors, many of whom are survivors or previvors, ensuring genuine understanding and empathy in their initiatives.


The organization champions affordable boudoir experiences, allowing survivors to embark on their personal journeys of healing and empowerment.


Relying on the generosity of sponsors and donors, the project aims to expand its reach and deepen its impact.

About the Organization

Collaborations: Partnership with Learn Look Locate

Michaela expresses her admiration for Learn Look Locate, highlighting their shared passion for preventative education and comprehensive support for women throughout their breast cancer journey. The collaboration between the two entities showcases the full spectrum of the breast cancer experience, from diagnosis to life after treatment.

A Candid Conversation: Interview with Michaela Raes on Embracing Beauty After Breast Cancer

Join Cynthia Jordan in an inspiring and heartfelt interview with Michaela Raes, the visionary behind the Breast Cancer Confidence Project. This intimate conversation explores Michaela’s journey from a breast cancer diagnosis at 28 to creating a space where survivors reclaim their femininity through boudoir photography. Dive into this powerful story of transformation, resilience, and the therapeutic power of embracing one’s beauty and scars.

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Message from Michaela

“Remember, you are BEAUTIFUL no matter where you are in your journey.”

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