Headshot of Jenny from Canada, stage 2b.

Meet Jenny – Stage 2b from Ontario, Canada

I was diagnosed with estrogen positive Invasive Ductal Carcinoma and the next year was an absolute whirlwind of tests and treatment.  There were days where I did not recognize or feel like my body was my own.  I completed a double mastectomy with reconstruction (DTI), chemotherapy, 25 rounds of radiation therapy and started a 10 year course of endocrine therapy.  I will also be having a hysterectomy to ensure that estrogen does not feed any future cancer cells.  This experience has taught me that life is so precious, and that I want to soak in every minute that I have.  My goals are continue to bring awareness to early detection and screening, as well as advocate for the issues that women face both during and after treatment.  Having a positive attitude has made all the difference in my experience and I hope to inspire and support others in any way I can.  You can follow my journey @jenny_marcelli