Metaplastic TNBC, Stage IIb

When I received my breast cancer diagnosis, one of my biggest fears was what the disease would do to my confidence. I had struggled for my entire life with issues with my self image, and I feared that my battle with cancer would compromise all of the progress I had made towards loving my body. Boudoir photography helped me to celebrate my body’s strength throughout my journey, respect the changes that my body endured, recognize that I was beautiful before cancer entered my life, and realize that I am just as alluring after cancer. Working with a photographer friend, I had boudoir portrait sessions before, during, and after treatments and surgeries. Throughout the process, I overcame my fears that this battle against could steal my femininity and render me less appealing. Boudoir helped me appreciate being ALIVE as my most stunning attribute, and to celebrate the strength and beauty of surviving such a scary battle.

Boudoir photography helps reduce worries about physical alterations, and reframes changes as strengths rather than loss. It opens a warrior up to the potential to grow, and to appreciate their beautiful, strong body for carrying them through.

Breast cancer is an ugly disease, but it does not make you any less beautiful.