Namrata, Stage 2&3, India

Cancer survivor once and fighting second time at 36

I was diagnosed for the first time on the left breast when I just tuned 34. I was diagnosed as ER/PR negative and HER 2 positive . It was back in 2020. My treatment lasted for 18 months as I have undergone 8 chemotherapies, 10 targeted, 30 radiations, and a surgery plus hormonal therapies.

During my second chemo, COVID happened. And unfortunately I had to spend all my treat tenure at home while taking care of my 6 year old baby boy.

After all the treatment, six months later the joyful news came and I was capable enough to take out my chemoport. It was 2nd December and I was the happiest that i have won this war over cancer as I was diagnosed at the stage 3-D, which is severe.

My life started coming back to Normal, I had got wonderful hair, I started getting back to my daily chores – everyone in my family had forgotten what we have gone through till 2021 December. But God had another plans.

He thought I am strongest of all the women out there and testing me once more.

The devil appeared again on my right breast now, within two weeks a lump developed and I didn’t ignore it this time.

I am 36 years old today.

I am starting my treatment again from today. Chemoport insertion and first chemotherapy to start today. I again have to undergo a surgery, 7 chemos, 10 targeted, and a few radiations. I am a strong believer that I will pass through.

I am his strongest warrior. I am tested more than ever. I lost a lot, I learnt a lot, I failed, I cried, I laughed, I loved but most of all – I am still here and I did not fall.