Monica, stage 3 Breast Cancer from Ohio

Living My Passion: Monica’s Journey with Stage 3 Breast Cancer

The Unexpected Diagnosis: A Healthy Life Interrupted

My name is Monica Brooks, and I am a breast cancer survivor, diagnosed at the age of 37 in 2018. I considered myself healthy before cancer, so much so, that I rarely went to the doctor and didn’t even have a GP. I hadn’t been doing any self-breast exams, and cancer was never on my radar. By the time I went in for a mammogram due to a lump underneath my arm, I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer.

The Global Perspective: Realizing I Wasn’t Alone

I learned very quickly that young breast cancer wasn’t just happening to me, but to so many other women around the world.

Documenting the Journey: Sharing to Support Others

I immediately started to document my story on YouTube and Instagram (@the_monica_brooks) because my passion is finding ways to help others. I wanted others to know what to expect during chemo, radiation, a mastectomy, and into survivorship.

The Breast Cancer Podcast: A Legacy of Support

I also started The Breast Cancer Podcast with my breast surgeon as a means to help others with their diagnosis as well. I know this will be part of my legacy long after I’m gone, that I’ve helped others in some way.

Living the Passion: Inspiring Through Challenges

Since my diagnosis, I’ve been able to live my passion and help a greater mass of people through inspirational speaking. I’m able to travel the world, use my voice, and impart seeds of wisdom that I’ve learned through the challenges I’ve faced in life.

Empowerment Through Shared Stories at Learn Look Locate

At Learn Look Locate, we deeply value the power of personal narratives like Monica’s. Such stories not only shed light on the multifaceted journey of breast cancer survivors but also serve as a beacon of hope for those currently navigating their own battles. By sharing these genuine accounts, we aim to cultivate a community grounded in support, resilience, and empowerment. Our platform is dedicated to offering vital information on early detection, diagnosis, and the latest treatments. Moreover, we spotlight personal tales from formidable survivors, fostering a community of strength and resilience. We invite you to delve into our survivor stories, engage with our medical advisors, and join our mission to empower individuals throughout their recovery journey and beyond.