Meet Zandra, Paget’s Disease

Listen, learn & share ~PAGETS DISEASE is a rare type of breast cancer affecting the nipple & areola & is often dismissed or misdiagnosed~ Knowledge is power & early detection saves lives. Xoxo, Zandra 💗

There are no lumps or masses, the symptoms resemble minor non-cancerous conditions you such as exzema or dermatitis. It is rarely detected by #mammogram, ultrasound or MRI. It is diagnosed by biopsy of the skin or discharge.

Any changes or abnormalities in your nipples or areolas can be significant: nipple inversion, flatness, itching, tingling, burning, redness, change in color, flaking, crust, blood or discharge.

This is another tricky, sneaky type of breast cancer that does not present itself as a lump or bump and many doctors are not sure about what this is so PLEASE advocate for yourself if you have any of these symptoms.

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