Stage 2 – 6-year Survivor, Florida
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I have been cancer free for 6 years. I was diagnosed with stage 2 level 3 breast cancer at age 41, with no family history or breast cancer genes. I am mother, model, best selling author and athlete who turned her pain into purpose to educate and help others fighting this disease. There is always purpose in pain is my motto. It just takes courage to share our stories to help others.

No woman should have to walk through this battle alone. Connect with me.

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I had 28 rounds of chemotherapy and 9 breast surgeries which included double mastectomies and reconstructions.

I made it my mission to show how life after cancer is and can be better than before. Tomorrow is promised to no one and once you have had the diagnosis and realize how precious life is, it’s a choice how we move forward. Inspiring others to share their battle stories and to show the world how much beauty comes from ashes is why I have devoted my post cancer life to helping others.

I chose to not only live but to thrive.

By doing so, I continue to show the world that perspective, hope and encouragement can change when we show up for others, that lives start to change.

This disease can feel very lonely and if women show up for women that loneliness disappears.

I wrote my book to show the power of friendship during seasons of suffering. Women banding together to save a life is a mighty force. Women fighting alone is the survivor’s gift to help those who are in the battle, it’s a privilege to take our battle wounds and educate and spare other women of the effects it had on us. Early detection is an answer but sometimes we don’t have that opportunity, so showing up during the battle is crucial.

You can get Christine’s book “Walk Beside Me” here.