Types of Breast Cancer


“If there is one thing I could get every person to remember in regards to their personal traumas, it would be that it is ultimately and solely your entire choice on how to react. And you will always feel how you think you feel. Your thoughts and mind are more powerful than you know.”
– Tricia Irene

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I am a stage 3 Inflammatory Breast Cancer survivor. I found my cancer when I noticed how tender my armpit was while applying deodorant, which lead me to notice my entire breast was swollen, and soon my arm was sore like I worked out. If you notice ANYTHING abnormal with your body, PUSH for scans – time is of the essence.

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Melanie- DCIS

Some say DCIS is “pre-cancer” or “the good cancer.” Regardless of the stage, cancer is cancer. Receiving the diagnosis is a traumatic event and your feelings are valid. However, knowledge is power. With appropriate education, guidance and support, you CAN overcome and a lead a very active life as a cancer THRIVER!

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Jena-Triple Negative

“I remember googling triple negative breast cancer and finding all these stories of women who had passed and I so badly want to be the girl you see who thrives. It took me a while to realize their story isn’t mine.”

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Cynthia -Invasive Ductal

I had no idea that I had a walnut-sized tumor in me growing for possibly five years. I had no family history and was unaware that having dense breasts are a huge risk factor for women. A tumor shows up white on a mammogram and so does dense breasts, making it very difficult to detect cancer. Please make sure you ask for 3D mammograms and if you have dense breasts ask for additional screening, it could be life-saving!

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I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Metaplastic Breast Carcinoma Squamous Cell sub-type at the age of 50 in August 2019. What a mouthful!
Metaplastic is a very rare form of cancer that accounts for fewer than 1% of all breast cancers. Coupled with a triple negative diagnosis, I soon discovered just how ‘rare’! There was so much confusion around the diagnosis at first and it took some time to gain definitive answers. That’s when I knew I had to share my story and advocate for this rare diagnosis.

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My name is Leslie Ferris Yerger, and I was diagnosed with Stage IV lobular breast cancer de novo, meaning there was no diagnosis previously at an earlier stage. This is not so uncommon with lobular breast cancer, since it is notoriously difficult to see on both mammograms and ultrasound. Lobular breast cancer is known as the sneaky breast cancer, not only evading regular screening, but it also spreads to unusual places like the stomach, skin, or eyes. Lobular cancer makes up 10-15% of all breast cancers diagnosed. More research is needed on lobular, and we need to figure out how to find it earlier, since it ‘sneaks around’ mammography and is often not diagnosed until later stage!

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Zandra-Paget's Disease

💗listen, learn & share ~PAGETS DISEASE is a rare type of breast cancer affecting the nipple & areola & is often dismissed or misdiagnosed~ Knowledge is power & early detection saves lives. Xoxo, Zandra 💗

There are no lumps or masses, the symptoms resemble minor non-cancerous conditions you such as exzema or dermatitis. It is rarely detected by mammogram, ultrasound or MRI. It is diagnosed by biopsy of the skin or discharge.

Any changes or abnormalities in your nipples or areolas can be significant: nipple inversion, flatness, itching, tingling, burning, redness, change in color, flaking, crust, blood or discharge.

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Erin-Triple Positive

A triple positive breast cancer diagnosis is overwhelming. Knowing if your cancer is hormone driven and having to make decisions that will impact your future is scary. There have been so many advances in targeted therapy treatment options for this type of breast cancer that it is important to understand all of them as well if any clinical trials are available. There is so much hope on the other side of this disease.

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Charles Weaver MD

Medical Oncologist
Medical Advisor

“I am pleased to help Learn Look Locate accomplish it’s mission of empowering individuals impacted by a breast cancer achieve optimal cancer care. I feel it is extremely important that patients are educated and informed about all their treatment options. Learn Look Locate is a unique platform that connects patients with the medical community providing essential information in a way that resonates.”

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