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Stacey Stevens – Expert Advisor in Breast Cancer Detection

“As the daughter of a 3-time breast cancer survivor and mother of three daughters, I am a passionate advocate for early detection. I have spent the majority of my career working to bring innovation to market that improves outcomes for breast cancer patients. I am thrilled to join Cynthia Jordan and the rest of the esteemed advisors at Learn, Look, Locate to help empower and educate women about the latest topics in breast cancer risk assessment, early detection, and treatment options.”

A passionate advocate for early breast cancer detection, a daughter of a three-time breast cancer survivor, and a mother of three daughters. Stacey’s dedication and fervor for the cause is personal, a testament to her life experiences that consistently drive her mission to bring innovative solutions to market, improving outcomes for breast cancer patients.

Stacey is a seasoned executive, boasting two decades of leadership experience, having served as the President and CEO of iCAD, a global pioneer providing cutting-edge breast cancer detection and therapy solutions. At iCAD, she was instrumental in the market launch of the world’s first artificial intelligence software for 3D mammography (Tomosynthesis) and the first short-term image-based breast cancer risk assessment solution. Her expertise spans the realms of artificial intelligence applications for breast cancer risk assessment, detection, and innovative radiation therapy treatments.

Before her journey with iCAD, Stacey held significant roles in sales, business development, and marketing leadership with renowned organizations like Philips Medical Systems, Agilent Technologies, Inc., and Hewlett Packard’s Healthcare Solutions Group. As the Vice President of Marketing for the Cardiac and Monitoring Systems Business Unit of Philips, she handled the marketing and direct sales activities of Philips America’s Field Operations.

Stacey earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science from the University of New Hampshire and an MBA from Boston University’s Graduate School of Management.

We are thrilled to have Stacey join the esteemed advisors at Learn Look Locate, to help empower and educate people about the latest advancements in breast cancer risk assessment, early detection, and treatment options.