Triple Negative, Sweden

“I’m Sofia, from the Non profit organization Plattnormen. We want to work on making Aesthetic Flat Closure a valid choice after mastectomy.”

Cancer hit me at age 36, it was triple negative and I found out I have the Brca1 mutation. Not having reconstruction after my mastectomy was never really presented as an option for me, and so I underwent a horrible reconstruction process with several surgeries which left my body sincerely damaged. I am still in pain several years later, but not as much now as before I finally explanted.

I don’t feel weird or different at all in my Flatness. Mostly I don’t think about my chest at all, I’m just me, the same person I always were. Almost. Cancer did change me, I don’t deny that, but it’s not the lack of breast mounds on my chest that makes me a bit more anxious and worried than before. It’s the fear of getting sick again and die.

In Plattnormen we hope to help women who are in similar situations as I was, women who wishes to stay flat after mastectomy, who wishes to explant or to remove the remaining breast to achieve flat symmetry.

We have a private Facebook support group, an Instagram account, @plattnormen, to try to spread Flat visibility/Flat representation and a website with information in Swedish,