Saying goodbye to body parts

To my girls, my chest⁠
My B r e a s t s ??⁠

I remember when my body began to change for you. I can still recall the feeling of frustration as I had to learn how to adjust and accept my body as you grew on me. As a young girl, I didn’t like these new bumps being in the way & now I had to wear an extra piece of clothing to keep you contained and concealed.⁠

You were tender and sensitive and itchy. Over time as you settled in & became a part of me, I accepted you and eventually learned how to appreciate your esthetic with pretty bras, bathing suits and low cut tops. I was proud of you both even though, the right one is slightly smaller than the left. With your stretch marks & slightly triangular shape, I began to love you & enjoy you for what you were.⁠

I wasn’t ashamed to show you off with a little peak of cleavage, even if they caught the wrong attention. It was okay because I was proud. Proud of my body and being a woman but then you tried to kill me. ⁠

I never imagined you would betray me but we caught it just in time. Before you could take my life, I decided I’d take yours instead. I’m not letting you mess with me, my life and those of my friends and family anymore. Quite frankly… We’ve had enough of your life threatening bullshit & it’s time for you to go. ⁠
Thank you for the confidence, for the strength and making me feel like a woman but I don’t need you anymore… I know now I am all those things without you.??✨⁠

Today I say goodbye to a part of me I’ve always associated with my femininity. I forfeit the opportunity to ever breast feed. They will never look or feel the same again. I relinquish “part of my womanhood” in exchange for a prolonged life. I say goodbye to the chest I was born with. ⁠

Today with the utmost confidence I put my life & body in the hands of my brilliant and highly skilled medical team. I will wake up with a new & improved chest. One with tissues expanders for my future #foobs but more importantly one with no chemotherapy port or malignant⁠
T U M O R.⁠

Ready as I’ll ever be – get this cancer OUT of me.✌?⁠

Tawnya from Canada

@relentlessyresilient on IG