Stage 2, California

“In 2016 I noticed a bump on my collarbone. I ignored it for 2 years.”

In August 2018 I noticed that the bump was hurting and the skin from my nipples/areolas was peeling off. I also noticed my left boob began to take on a funny shape and the nipple on that side was inverted.  I had a biopsy done on Oct 16th 2018.

On Oct 18th I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer (multifocal invasive ductal carcinoma). My breast were removed Nov 14th 2018.

The cancer did pass my lymph nodes. My treatments ended in May of 2019.

Look how quickly you can be stripped down. Just blink! I’m speechless because I’m hurt and bitter… Still trying to process what happened. I wake up every day trying to keep my head above myself and desperately try to make sense of my being.  And go to bed every night trying to fight the residual pain/side effects  plus tell myself its okay to dream, because I’m scared.