Stage 2, California

“Hi, I’m Rachelle, a young breast cancer warrior.”

I was diagnosed at age 29 with no history of cancer in our family. My cancer was present in both breasts with a spread into my lymph nodes, categorized at stage 2b. I went through 12 rounds of chemo, double mastectomy with lymph node dissection, reconstruction, and currently on 6 cycles of oral chemo.⁠

I also used Cold Caps during my chemo infusions to preserve my hair and retained about 60-70% of my locks!! It was a hard process and I wanted to quit many times and just shave my head, but in the end, I’m so grateful I stuck with it and blessed to have had great results.⁠

As a young person, this walk can be scary and lonely and confusing… I experienced so many emotions, both high and low. On the outside I appeared to be the most unassuming person battling cancer, mostly because I was able to keep my hair and my treatments actually caused me to gain weight instead of lose weight. But the reality of it all was that it was still very difficult on the inside. So I decided to start advocating as a young person going through cancer. ⁠

Cancer is not cookie cutter and every walk looks so different. Everyone processes it their own way and each experience is unique. But the one thing we all have in common is that we are W A R R I O R S.⁠

Looking forward to sharing more as I continue to advocate for young people with cancer here on Learn Look Locate ?