Stage 2, Brazil

“When I was 14, my mother had breast cancer before she was 40. Because of that, I grew up knowing how important early detection is: it saves lives. Since I was 25, I have had breast exams annually and, in 2015, I started going to a mastologist because I wanted to be accompanied by a specialist.”

In August 2019, at the age of 35, during a breast ultrasound, the doctor found a small cyst and he thought it best to analyze it through a biopsy. The cyst was only 8 mm and could not be felt by touch. I felt nothing! I was fine, I had plans for that year, life was returning to normal after lumbar spine surgery, but, unfortunately, this cyst was cancer. I had a mastectomy on both breasts because I have BRCA2 and my doctor advised me about this prevention.

Thanks to this early diagnosis, I had the chance to have a light treatment and ended the chemotherapy phase with a little hair, without using cold therapy! I am grateful for my discipline in taking exams every year because it allowed me to be cured. I am alive and I have many things to do in my life! Whenever I have the chance, I talk to other women and advise them to take care of their health. The earlier the diagnosis, the greater the chances of a cure. Take care! Get regular checkups, exercise, don’t smoke, and eat healthy foods!