Meet Abby from Philadelphia- She is Stage 2b- Triple-negative-BRCA1.

“Knowledge is power. We might not have a cure for breast cancer , but we sure have the ability to screen for those at high risk and that is a blessing to those who can reduce their chances of this awful disease.”
In August 2020, I was diagnosed at 35 years young with stage 2b Triple Negative Breast Cancer. What I also found out through genetic testing is that I carry the BRCA1 mutation, as well as my Mom. I have no family history of breast cancer on my mom or dads side. I am of Ashkenazi Jewish descent and not one doctor had ever advised me to get tested for the BRCA mutation. Why?
 I didn’t seek out a genetic test because simply, we just don’t know what we don’t know. Never in a million years would I have thought I would be at high risk for breast cancer because it was not in my family. I now know this is absolutely farthest from the truth. It is us up to us women to speak up if Doctors are not going to inform us what our risks might be. We must educate ourselves and speak out for others so we can all be our own advocates. That BRCA1/2 genetic mutation test could save your life. Do not be afraid to ask for a genetics test at your next visit.
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