Marnie Rustemeyer Medical advisor

Marnie Rustemeyer, CPCP, AAM

Restorative and cosmetic tattoo artist at NYBRA Plastic Surgery.

Marnie Rustemeyer is a restorative and cosmetic tattoo artist at NYBRA Plastic Surgery with expertise in paramedical tattooing, nipple tattooing, scalp repigmentation, tattoo removal, permanent makeup, and microneedling. She has been featured on several news broadcasts and Survivornet Media for her work in restorative tattooing.

Marnie is a former Wall Street professional, thyroid cancer survivor, and breast cancer previvor. Her experience with bilateral, risk-reducing mastectomies ignited a passion for helping patients feel beautiful and confident again after such an emotional and demanding journey through nipple tattooing and scar camouflage.

“Learn Look Locate is a great resource, because it includes information and input from medical and industry professionals who help patients understand what to expect throughout the process. As a restorative tattoo artist, my work comes at the end of the journey. I joined Learn Look Locate’ advisory board to give this community the information they need at the end of their pathway to recovery.”

—Marnie Rustemeyer, CPCP, AAM