Making Healthcare Options Transparent

“YOU HAVE BREAST CANCER!” 4 words one will never forget

Fast track to a huge cancer center, tons of appointments, scans, blood work, genetic testing all within 4 wks! Your mind is on overdrive the anxiety is out of control & nothing anyone is telling you makes sense at all.

New terms such ER Positive, HER Negative, do you want a single or double mastectomy? Reconstruction? Oh, wait schedules don’t align, do you want the tumor out sooner or wait a few months so the plastic surgeon can be available?

Genetic testing? Why wasn’t this ever addressed before a diagnosis?

Genomic Testing? What is it? If a friend didn’t inform you to ask about it-how would I have known to get it? It was never brought up!

All of these reasons, plus so many more is why LearnLookLocate was launched. It is critical that a person is armed with info to make the right decisions for them! Plus, there needs to be more awareness on early signs of breast cancer, not just a ribbon!

The emotional roller coaster makes it beyond difficult to understand what is happening or to even digest the information from doctors. If I was informed about all the new treatments & tests available to me maybe I would have done things completely differently. Awareness is awesome but education is essential!