Lior from Israel stage 2


Stage 2, Israel

“I was diagnosed with stage 2 cancer in my right breast just four days before my 26th birthday.”

Having moved to Israel from South Africa just nine months earlier, this was certainly not the birthday I was expecting. I had chemo, followed by a lumpectomy, radiation, and biological treatment, all in a new and foreign country. No BRCA, but I do carry APC, which is the gene mutation for colorectal cancer. Wooo! Now, almost two years after my last chemo, I see why I needed to go through this challenge, this life-changing metamorphosis, and I am so in love with Lior 2.0.

Cancer made me confident. Cancer forced me to put myself first. Cancer taught me what it meant to be healthy – both body and mind. I have an amazing job, a wonderful boyfriend, and I am in remission. I am truly blessed. And, it was a birthday I will never forget because it truly changed my life forever.