Heidi - Stage 2


Stage 2, Washington

“I was breastfeeding my son when I found a small pea like lump in my right breast. I didn’t think much of it, but after a month, it grew to the size of a blueberry.”

As a young mom, teacher and starting our small family business, I was already busy, but felt the fullest and happiest at that time.

It all came to a halt when I went in with confidence into my doctor’s office for what I thought was a confirmation that the biopsy was benign. I even brought my children with me- knowing that I didn’t have to worry about the outcome. I was so very wrong.

As they asked to take away my children in another room and busy them with coloring pages, the doctor calmly stated, “I was wrong, you have breast cancer.”

My eyes swelled with tears and I knew that everything was going to change from here on out. I called my husband, and then gathered my children.

I left feeling so lost and confused. My daughters hand rose up to me mine and she looked into my red puffy eyes and asked if I was ok. I confidently said “Yes, it’s going to be okay. I’m going to be to be okay.” I made this promise to her at that very moment and knew that it would be the catalyst to creating a new strength within me during this long battle.

I have since empowered women to find the strength within advocate for their healing, their passions and to find their community. I run a non profit organization called, Send Me On Vacation, a healing vacation experience for breast cancer survivors. I set my intentions to build resources and tools for myself and others in the same healing trajectory.

Having cancer isn’t my whole story, but it has refined my character and my passion. I have decided that my cause is my career and I will leave this legacy of strength for my children.