Dr. David Light Headshot, MD, FACS

Introducing Dr. David Light: A New Addition to Our Medical Advisory Team

We are thrilled to announce the latest addition to our esteemed medical advisory team, Dr. David Light, a board-certified, fellowship-trained plastic surgeon with an impressive dual practice. He specializes in both breast reconstruction and aesthetic surgery. Recognized by his patients and peers for his surgical acumen, meticulous attention to detail, and warm bedside manner, Dr. Light brings a unique blend of skills to our advisory team.

Dr. Light has been instrumental in helping numerous patients on their road to recovery, performing over 300 primary and revision breast reconstructions annually. His expertise spans a wide array of microsurgical breast reconstruction techniques, including DIEP, SIEA, PAP, TUG, and LAP flaps. Always at the cutting edge of his field, Dr. Light was one of the first surgeons to perform hybrid flaps, extended DIEP flaps, and stacked flaps. This expertise is particularly valuable for patients who prefer natural tissue breast reconstruction but may lack enough volume using a single tissue flap.

It’s also worth mentioning that Dr. Light’s focus goes beyond the restoration of breast shape and volume. He provides his patients with immediate sensory reconstruction (Resensation) procedures to help restore breast sensation post-mastectomy, an important and often overlooked aspect of the reconstruction process.

On top of that, Dr. Light’s aesthetic surgery work focuses on face, breast, and abdominal rejuvenation. His experience in complex breast reconstruction plays a critical role in delivering long-lasting, natural results. The range of aesthetic procedures he offers is extensive, including abdominoplasty, high-definition and 360 liposuction, VASER liposuction, breast augmentation with fat grafting, mommy makeovers, breast lifts/reductions, and much more.

His interest in patient advocacy and shared decision-making truly aligns with our mission at Learn Look Locate. Dr. Light believes in offering all suitable breast reconstruction options to patients, providing them with the information they need to make their own informed choices. As a Medical Professional Partner with the AiRS Foundation and a contributor to Breastreconstruction.org, he continually works to educate women about their options.

Dr. Light’s commitment to his patients extends beyond the surgery room. He established the first Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) protocols for breast reconstruction within local health systems. These protocols are designed to expedite patient recovery while minimizing negative side effects typically associated with narcotic pain medications.

“Learn look locate is a superb resource that provides critical information to patients faced with a genetic or breast cancer diagnosis. The site is well curated and includes information on many of the subspecialties that patients will encounter during their treatment. Through the education process, patients become empowered to make their own decisions and play and active role in directing their care.”

– David Light, MD FACS

We’re excited for the valuable insights and expertise Dr. Light will bring to Learn Look Locate, enhancing our ability to provide our community with the best information and resources possible. His knowledge and experience will be a significant addition to our team, and we’re delighted to welcome him aboard.

Join us in welcoming Dr. David Light, and let’s continue our shared mission to educate, support, and empower the community in their health journeys.