Does anyone REALLY have any idea what a tumor COULD feel like? I had no idea! ⁠

Thanks to all of you for sharing your incredible stories on Learn Look Locate, more people all over the world will know more about what to look for when doing a self breast check.  I never once did a self breast check but feel if I had seen a visual like this one it would have helped me at least know what a tumor could look and feel like!  This is also was ONE of the main reasons WHY I started LEARN LOOK LOCATE- Especially to help so many of you who are YOUNGER than me, and have NO ACCESS to mammograms!⁠

Although a small reminder, and yes colorful:) I really hope we can spread this visual to the world so we at least have a sense of what a tumor could feel like! ⁠

PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD and the IMAGE especially NOW because so so many women have missed their MAMMOGRAMS due to COVID! IT COULD BE LIFE-SAVING!⁠

Dr. Julie Reiland, MD a breast surgeon for over 20 years carries a small, jagged gravel rock in her pocket to show women who ask what breast cancer feels like. ⁠

“The stone I carry is 1 centimeter smaller than the length of a dime. One centimeter is about the smallest cancer that can be felt with a breast exam. ⁠

“When you are conducting your monthly self-breast exam, a lump that feels like a hard rock with jagged irregular edges and doesn’t move easily is more likely to be cancer. Be sure to check with your doctor if you feel anything new or different.⁠

Please check yourself, your partner and often! Breast cancer does not rest.