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Cynthia’s Breast Cancer Journey: Bridging the Disconnect Between Awareness and Patients

How did I not know I had breast cancer?

Every day I wake up and ask myself this question….do you?

For my new followers, I am not sure if you know my story but I am a bit older than most of you:) ….I had 13 years of mammograms! All normal! Until one day I got a call back saying “We see something suspicious” so I went for the ultrasound and got the look from the technician and quietly went into the dressing room and cried. The unknown was so frightening, the thought that this could be cancer was mind-blowing! As time went on with more appointments after the other, I heard the words “You have breast cancer” I just sat there and thought HOW did this happen!!!! Oh, and let me add…” you have a walnut-sized tumor!”

When I found out from the breast surgeon that I could have my tumor for 5 years…I continued to say HOW??? DID this happen???!!! The disconnect was so big for me so that is why I started Learnlooklocate to help bring all the pieces of this difficult puzzle together to help others be more aware of the things I didn’t know! To go global, people all over the world would be empowered with information in a way that resonates so they can understand more about this disease. Do you ever say to yourself “How did this happen?”

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As the founder of Learn Look Locate, Cynthia Jordan’s personal journey with breast cancer serves as a powerful reminder of the disconnect that can exist between awareness and the experiences of patients. Driven by her own experience, Cynthia created Learn Look Locate to bring all the pieces of the breast cancer puzzle together, helping others become more aware of what they need to know. With resources ranging from diagnosis to treatments and a dedicated medical advisory board, our platform aims to empower individuals worldwide with information, support, and a sense of community.