Detecting Recurrence

Is your breast cancer going to come back? Unlocking the uncertainty is very difficult but now there are new blood tests that can be used to help your doctor detect recurrence! How does it all work?

The test is called Signatera, how does it all work? Signatera can be used along with your regular blood work and scans to monitor your cancer at the molecular level, identifying recurrence earlier than other tools. I did it and can’t believe how easy it was and how much it gave me peace of mind.

If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer and want to know if there is a chance of recurrence, clinical studies have shown that Signatera can help your doctor understand if:

1. There are signs of cancer remaining in the body
2. The cancer is recurring
3. Immunotherapy is working

Signatera can help your team tailor your breast cancer testing and treatment plan. Learn Look Locate wants to continue top empower you with the latest new tests and treatments to help you navigate through your diagnosis and survivorship. For more information click here