Stage 2b, Houston

“I’m from Houston, TX and I am a Pharmacist. I was diagnosed at 28 years old with stage 2b breast cancer in the right breast. I’m ER/PR+/HER2- and BRCA2+.⁠”

⁠I have a twin sister who did genetic testing at age 22 after we had two aunts diagnosed with breast cancer and pass away. She was positive for BRCA2 and this inspired me to get tested.⁠

I later found out I was BRCA+ too and started annual breast mris at age 25. At the age of 28, my annual mri showed suspicious activity that they wanted to biopsy. I wasn’t worried because I thought there is no way I have cancer at 28.

Well, it was positive in the right breast with 3 tumors and cancerous activity in my lymph nodes. From there, I met with doctors almost weekly it felt like. I had a bilateral double mastectomy due to my risk, followed by chemo, breast reconstruction, and radiation which I finished at the end of October 2020.⁠

Now, I’m on hormone suppression therapy and hoping to inspire others through my social media platforms to do their self breast exams and get genetic testing if they have a family history!⁠