Shattered Friendships

A beautiful blog from our Rookie Blogger on Shattered Friendships:

How do you explain to people that Cancer never leaves your mind, that it’s always there to some degree or another. Maybe it’s not front and center every day, maybe the thoughts recede for weeks or months at a time but it’s still there, right? How do you treat people who don’t know how to treat you?

I’m struggling now with a rough patch in a 40-year friendship. She keeps telling me I’ve changed. I keep telling her, “Of course I have.” It’s exhausting to think about talking to her, that I might say the wrong thing or be less optimistic than she thinks I should be.

I’d love to hear advice on balancing these emotional pieces of recovery. Do you just give yourself carte blanche to live how you want or do you consciously tamp down feelings so its easier for your friends – or family – to deal with the old you?

Help, please ❤🙏

Conversely, how do you show appreciation and gratitude for the people who HAVE who are here for you, the folks riding shotgun with you no matter how you drive or where you steer?